Solid Ground Program supports next generation of CT farmers

In 2016, UConn Extension launched the Solid Ground Farmer Trainings, a program to assist beginning farmers. The collaborative project is now in its second three-year funding cycle supported through the USDA Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program. Solid Ground Farmer Trainings are designed to offer education, mentoring and technical assistance to new farmers in their […]

Extension educator creates programs and initiatives to protect water resources

As an educator in UConn Extension and an affiliate faculty member in the Department of Natural Resources and the Environment (NRE), Michael Dietz has been working for over a decade to strengthen Connecticut communities by studying ways to protect surface and groundwaters and by promoting the use of green infrastructure techniques throughout the state. In 2018, […]

Faculty team and website provide science-based information on GMOs

The phrase GMO creates a strong emotional reaction among many people. GMO stands for genetically modified organism, and although the technology was first used in the medical field to create insulin, the dialogues currently surrounding GMOs are polarized. In our dialogue process, team members from the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources created a […]

Extension team aims to increase farm sales to residents in Northeastern CT

Connecticut’s Northeast is well known for its rural character. A part of The Last Green Valley National Heritage Corridor, these towns feature picturesque landscapes marked by their agricultural roots. While these scenic farmlands are historical, they also continue to be active, growing and selling a variety of products. However, too often local consumers pass right […]