Awards and accolades for CAHNR

UConn Today announced that UConn Extension Program Specialist Stacey Stearns recently received one of the UConn Spirit Awards, which were established to recognize “stellar contributions and dedication to civility in the workplace.” Stearns was given the Unsung Hero Award. Vice President for Communications Tysen Kendig is chairman of the Spirit Awards Committee. The Natural Resources […]

Preparedness is key to surviving unfortunate events

Outbreaks, and disasters and storms! Oh, my! Some hazards are unavoidable, but preparedness can mitigate the consequences of these emergencies. Several of CAHNR’s faculty and staff are working to be ready when local, state and national misfortunes strike. “Prevention is a better way to deal with emergencies than waiting until the worst outcome develops and […]

Renovation expands department with new program and research faculty

Students were not the only ones packing their bags and moving out at the end of the spring semester. The Department of Allied Health Sciences (AHS) temporarily relocated from their home in Benjamin Franklin Koons Hall to facilitate a renovation to the building over the summer. The project redesigned classroom spaces, expanded teaching and research […]