Faculty member’s new textbook offers multidisciplinary introduction to water resources

A new textbook by a faculty member in the Department of Natural Resources and the Environment provides a practical introduction to the study of water resources for students from a wide range of disciplines. Water is a finite resource essential to all life on earth. The study of water resources and how best to manage […]

Department of Nutritional Sciences: an overview

“Our goal is to improve the nutritional well-being and health of individuals and families, through teaching, research and outreach programs,” says Sung Koo, professor and head of the Department of Nutritional Sciences. “According to Academic Analytics, our department is nationally ranked in the 95th percentile among 83 similar programs. The healthcare industry is booming, and […]

Awards and accolades for CAHNR

The Center for Academic Programs newsletter depicted UConn McNair Scholars who participated in the 18th National Role Models Conference. McNair Scholar Alexander Cruz, who was shown, presented his nutritional sciences undergraduate research project. He received an honorable mention award and a $100 cash prize in the the Student Researchers Competition. McNair Scholars alumnus and kinesiology […]

CAHNR in the news

The Scientist related an experience with antibiotics by Associate Professor Paulo Verardi that reminded him of a research study paper he recently read. The Department of Pathobiology and Veterinary Science faculty member was quoted as saying that any drug, including antibiotics, can have off-target effects. UConn Today, in an article about the UConn Environment Metanoia, quoted Professor […]