CAHNR in the news

Fresh from the Field reported on biodegradable plastic mulch research done by Shuresh Ghimire when he was a graduate student at Washington State University. Ghimire recently joined UConn Extension as an extension vegetable educator. UConn Today depicted Keiona Khen, a nutritional sciences student, as she participated in the McNair Scholars poster presentation on July 25. […]

Graduate student intern studies Connecticut rain gardens to address storm water management in China and Japan

Linying Zhang, a Ph.D. student from Kyoto University in Japan, recently visited the College for a month-long internship on rain gardens and bioretention with Extension Educator Mike Dietz. Bioretention areas are swales planted with vegetation to collect and infiltrate storm water. The term bioretention area is used for larger engineered spaces, and smaller ones are […]

CAHNR in the news

UConn Today highlighted the collaboration of Associate Professor in Residence Syma Ebbin with other UConn faculty members in the creation of a Blue Heritage Trail. Ebbin, who is part of agricultural and resource economics, will work in showcasing the role of some of Connecticut’s maritime activities and sites currently and historically. National Public Radio quoted Department […]

CIPWG symposium gathers experts, volunteers to tackle invasive plants

Invasive plants are a major threat to Connecticut’s environment and economy. They disrupt ecosystems and wildlife habitat as they overtake native plant species, leading to a loss of biodiversity, human health risks and negative economic impacts for landowners and land managers, communities and commercial industries. The biennial symposium of the Connecticut Invasive Plant Working Group […]