CAHNR in the news

WNPR broadcast a story about a CAHNR horticulture course that teaches cannabis production. Undergraduate student Madison Blake, Adjunct Professor Matthew DeBacco and Professor Gerald Berkowitz were quoted in the piece, and graduate student Peter Apicella was depicted. All these people are part of the Department of Plant Science and Landscape Architecture. See also Hartford Courant. […]

CAHNR in the news

Smithsonian Magazine reported on the efforts of three farms to produce their own unique American cheese called Cornerstone. The article said that Assistant Professor Dennis D’Amico is analyzing microbe samples from each Cornerstone producer and hopes to, eventually, set a microbiotic and flavor baseline. D’Amico is on the faculty of the Department of Animal Science. […]

UConn owns a verdant natural resource

UConn is home to diverse facilities and resources including its own 2,100-acre forest. This significant land area, called the UConn Forest, serves as a teaching tool for students and professionals, a place for environmental and land-use research and a peaceful recreation area for outdoor enthusiasts. It also has important roles as a key watershed protection […]