CAHNR in the news

Science Direct posted an article by Shaheer Burney, a postdoctoral research associate in the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics. It looks at the impact of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) on food choices of low-income households and is based on Burney’s research. Natural News quoted Gregory Panza, a doctoral student, about research findings that […]

Landscape architecture students explore European cities on the trip of a lifetime

During the summer of 2017, fourteen students embarked on a trip of a lifetime as part of a course, European Urban Form and Design, with Associate Professor of Plant Science and Landscape Architecture Peter Miniutti, and adjunct instructor Natalie Gray Miniutti. Two years ago, the husband and wife team went to Florence as part of […]

Preparedness is key to surviving unfortunate events

Outbreaks, and disasters and storms! Oh, my! Some hazards are unavoidable, but preparedness can mitigate the consequences of these emergencies. Several of CAHNR’s faculty and staff are working to be ready when local, state and national misfortunes strike. “Prevention is a better way to deal with emergencies than waiting until the worst outcome develops and […]