Molecular epidemiologist tracks virus with genome sequencing and comparative phylogenetic analysis

Avian influenza (AI) affects both the poultry industry and public health, as it can cross species and infect livestock, pets, marine mammals and humans. Dong-Hun Lee, assistant professor in the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources’ Department of Pathobiology, has studied this virus for the past thirteen years, using genome sequencing and comparative phylogenetic […]

CAHNR in the news

UConn Today reported on a new mini-series called “Walk With Me” within “On the Trail,” a podcast about topics both on, off, in and around trails in Connecticut. The podcast is sponsored by the Connecticut Trail Census, a UConn Extension program focused data collection and education on multi-use trails in the state. Podcast host and […]

CAHNR in the news

The UConn School of Business featured entrepreneur Peter Goggins, a senior majoring in environmental sciences. Goggins is the founder of Pisces Atlantic, a company aiming to create healthier, less expensive and more environmentally friendly fish food. He recently relocated his business from his parents’ home in Middletown to a production facility in East Hartford. Over […]

Meet undergraduate student Eric Atanga

Eric Atanga’s journey to the Department of Pathobiology and Veterinary Science has not been without difficulty. He earned a degree in psychiatric nursing from the Nurses’ Training College in Ghana, then an associate degree in liberal arts and sciences at Connecticut’s Manchester Community College. He feels that this is the best time to be alive, […]

CAHNR in the news

UConn Today announced Associate Professor Steven Szczepanek in the Department of Pathobiology and Veterinary Science and Thanh Duc Nguyen, an assistant professor in the School of Engineering, received a $432,990 contract from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to develop a single-use, self-administered microneedle vaccine technology for infectious diseases such as COVID-19. Szczepanek […]