CAHNR in the news

The New York Times ran a story about Connecticut’s encroaching bears.The article quoted Associate Professor Tracy Rittenhouse as saying that bears are moving into places where there is a “perfect mixture of forest and human houses.” Rittenhouse is on the faculty of natural resources and the environment. The Wall Street Journal included an article by […]

Meet alumna Mary Lou Viola

As a 1993 national championship UConn Women’s Rugby Club teammate and later the captain, alumna Mary Lou Viola knew the value of a try and a drop goal. She also experienced hard work when she and her fellow players swept up Gampel Pavilion after basketball games to raise travel money for rugby matches. Today, this […]

Meet alumnus Jordan Mazur

How many calories does a professional football lineman need each day? What should he eat to keep his 300-pound muscular frame in good condition? Jordan Mazur is the one who determines these nutritional choices for San Francisco 49ers players. According to nutritional sciences alumnus Mazur, a lineman needs about 4,000 to 5,000 calories of high-quality […]

Plant science + animal science = a nutritional yogurt

Q: What is the result of combining the scientific knowledge of a well-known plant breeder and an award-winning dairy microbiologist with cooperation from nutritional sciences and allied health sciences? A: It all adds up to a tasty UConn-made yogurt that holds promise for its nutritional value because it is flavored with healthful berries from a […]