CAHNR in the news

Fresh from the Field reported on biodegradable plastic mulch research done by Shuresh Ghimire when he was a graduate student at Washington State University. Ghimire recently joined UConn Extension as an extension vegetable educator. UConn Today depicted Keiona Khen, a nutritional sciences student, as she participated in the McNair Scholars poster presentation on July 25. […]

More ads may lead to more health disparities for black teens

Food companies are targeting many of their ads to black teens. For example, these corporations advertise in black-targeted media or depict people of color in TV commercials. However, this attention is not necessarily good news. “It is important that companies are finally recognizing that black youth are important consumers,” said Department of Allied Health Sciences […]

Meet graduate student Maya Fussell

Maya Fussell loves food, especially the way it can improve health, athletic performance or recovery from an injury. Fussell is Ph.D. candidate in nutritional sciences. As a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN), she help others recognize the impact eating right and exercising can have on their personal wellness. Fussell has a lot on her plate, balancing […]

Image of the week

A group of twenty undergraduate students from South Korea arrived in Storrs Saturday, July 7, where they are being hosted by Professor Ji-Young Lee and Assistant Research Professor Young-Ki Park in the Department of Nutritional Sciences (NUSC). The students are juniors from Kyung Hee University in Seoul, where they are majoring in food and nutrition. […]

CAHNR in the news

Scientific American quoted Ock Chun about her research into furocoumarins, the chemicals that are responsible for the skin’s reaction to giant hogweed sap. Chun is an associate professor in nutritional sciences. NBC News reported that mosquitoes trapped in New Canaan have tested positive for West Nile virus.  The Department of Pathobiology and Veterinary Science participates in […]