Epidemiologist leverages social media to support healthy lifestyles for new moms

Molly Waring, assistant professor in the Department of Allied Health Sciences, focuses her research on weight management among childbearing women. She says, “My early research focused on patterns of weight gain during middle age and cardiovascular disease in later life, which got me thinking about preventing weight gain later in life. My research cycled all […]

CAHNR in the news

The Connecticut Nursery and Landscape Association conducted a study that found the green industry contributed $4.7 billion to the state’s economy in 2017, representing a 27 percent increase from 2012. The study was completed by Chris Laughton, a graduate student studying applied and resource economics, and Rigoberto Lopez, a professor in the Department of Agricultural […]

Meet undergraduate Olasubomi (Mini) Ajayi

Since arriving at UConn, allied health sciences major Olasubomi (Mini) Ajayi has been deeply involved in campus and community organizations, lending a helping hand to others. Her expansive volunteer work was recognized with a 2019 Provost’s Award for Excellence in Community Engaged Scholarship. She is following a pre-medical path with plans to become a doctor. […]

CAHNR in the news

Gyms’ mission to promote healthy lifestyles is undermined by offering tanning beds to customers, UConn researchers in allied health sciences (AHS) say. Dr. Sherry Pagoto, a professor in AHS and director of UConn Center for mHealth and Social Media is the lead author of a new study that assessed how pervasive tanning beds are in three of the largest […]