CAHNR in the news

Fresh from the Field reported on biodegradable plastic mulch research done by Shuresh Ghimire when he was a graduate student at Washington State University. Ghimire recently joined UConn Extension as an extension vegetable educator. UConn Today depicted Keiona Khen, a nutritional sciences student, as she participated in the McNair Scholars poster presentation on July 25. […]

More ads may lead to more health disparities for black teens

Food companies are targeting many of their ads to black teens. For example, these corporations advertise in black-targeted media or depict people of color in TV commercials. However, this attention is not necessarily good news. “It is important that companies are finally recognizing that black youth are important consumers,” said Department of Allied Health Sciences […]

CAHNR in the news

UConn Today reported on research into Connecticut’s deer and bobcat populations and distribution by Department of Natural Resources and the Environment (NRE) Assistant Professor Tracy Rittenhouse and graduate student Jennifer Kilburn. The article also mention that another research scientist in NRE, Min Huang, is collecting data on birds for a whole year to update a […]

Programming of bovine stem cells from adult cells may help improve human and animal health

Young Tang, assistant professor in the Department of Animal Science, is intrigued by unanswered questions. Tang is currently engaged in an intricate study, a large-scale next-generation genomic analysis that may help improve both human and bovine health. The study involves induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs), which hold great promise for regenerative medicine. Human pluripotent stem […]