CAHNR in the news

Connecticut by the Numbers ran a story about a UConn study of food insecurity and obesity. It names members of the research team as former Postdoctoral Fellow Rebecca Boehm, Associate Extension Educator Jiff Martin, CAHNR alumna and current Senior Director of Community Partnership and Programs at the Connecticut Food Bank Jaime Foster and Director of […]

Graduate student researches microorganisms in artisanal cheese

According to the Agricultural Marketing Resource Center, overall cheese consumption in the United States continues to increase, in part due to the growth of specialty, artisanal and farmstead cheeses. Artisanal cheese differs from commercially produced cheeses in that it is typically made by hand on a small scale. The process is time consuming and labor […]

Meet new faculty member Abhi Upadhyay

In January 2019, the Department of Animal Science welcomed new faculty member Abhi Upadhyay. He returns to Storrs where he studied as a graduate student. “It’s great to come back to UConn,” Upadhyay says. “I am really glad and privileged to be able to join the Department of Animal Science.” Upadhyay will conduct research that […]

CAHNR in the news

The Conversation published an article by Assistant Professor Nathan Fiala and student Alicia Barriga about the effects of poor quality seeds and agricultural inputs on Uganda’s crop yields. Fiala is on the faculty of agricultural and resource economics. See also UConn Today. WHUS aired an interview with Associate Cooperative Extension Educator Jiff Martin about sustainable […]