Faculty member’s new textbook offers multidisciplinary introduction to water resources

A new textbook by a faculty member in the Department of Natural Resources and the Environment provides a practical introduction to the study of water resources for students from a wide range of disciplines. Water is a finite resource essential to all life on earth. The study of water resources and how best to manage […]

Awards and Accolades for CAHNR

Department of Pathobiology and Veterinary Science Professor Steven J. Geary was recently voted in as chair-elect for the International Organization for Mycoplasmology (IOM). According to the its website, IOM is a nonprofit organization that exists to promote the cooperative international study of mycoplasmas (Mollicutes) and mycoplasmal diseases and to disseminate knowledge about their characteristics, effects, transmission […]

Awards and accolades for CAHNR

Tao Wu, a plant science and landscape architecture graduate student, and Kristin Schwab, an associate professor in the same department, received the Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture Fellows Award of Excellence, which carries a $500 prize, for a poster research presentation. The poster and accompanying paper, “Prospect: Beyond Survival |Refugee Resilience Planning for Europe & […]

Economist boosts outcomes of African development projects with community-based initiatives

Northern Uganda has endured protracted conflict and social unrest for decades. This has left communities in poverty and lacking crucial resources to expedite economic development in the region. In 2009, the World Bank supported funding for a massive development program, the Second Northern Uganda Social Action Project Fund (NUSAF2), to improve conditions in the region. […]

Distinguished Professor of Kinesiology says exercise is the future of treating chronic disease

Ask Distinguished Professor of Kinesiology Linda Pescatello her thoughts on treating chronic disease, and she’ll say exercise prescription is the wave of the future. In almost twenty years as a professor at UConn, Pescatello has focused on fitness as it relates to health, particularly the effects of exercise on blood pressure and obesity. Pescatello is […]