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Meet undergraduate student Stephen Hnatuk

Stephen Hnatuk

Stephen Hnatuk is working to chart his course to the future, by being extremely involved within the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources. Driven by his passion for the environment, he has created a variety of opportunities for himself. Stephen enjoys learning about water resources, our environment and the world. Read more about Stephen’s experiences as a UConn Student.

What attracted you to UConn? I came to UConn undecided about what I wanted to study. I knew UConn would have a lot of opportunities for me to explore. I was also attracted to the wide variety of clubs and academic programs available.

What is your major, and why did you choose it? I am double majoring in natural resources and the environment and applied resource economics. I chose this path because I have always had a love for the outdoors and conservation. When I was in high school, I took a marine science course, which opened my eyes to a lot of environmental issues. I discovered that I was interested in water and saw its importance as a resource for life in our world.

Which one of your UConn activities, internships or jobs was the most memorable? Why? Since the beginning of the summer, I have been interning at the United States Geological Survey. I have appreciated being able to apply the knowledge and skills I have learned in school. For this internship, I do a lot of field work, including taking discharge measurements in streams and rivers. I enjoy being able to engage in problem solving at this internship. There is always something new that I’m unprepared for, but I like taking on the challenges. (more…)

The Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics: An overview

Rigoberto Lopez

Rigoberto Lopez

As of June 2017, the College’s Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics (ARE) was ranked nineteenth worldwide among university agricultural economics departments, a significant achievement for a relatively small department competing with departments at much larger institutions such as Ohio State University, the University of Illinois and Purdue.

“Our goal is to continue our status as a premiere department of agricultural and resource economics, committed to excellence in teaching, research and extension,” says Rigoberto Lopez, professor and department head. “ARE is uniquely positioned within UConn, as a nexus between biological and physical sciences and the social and policy sciences.”

ARE is home to the Charles J. Zwick Center for Food and Resource Policy, which focuses on solutions to high-priority problems related to food, health, natural resources and the environment. The center is named for Charles J. Zwick, an alumnus and benefactor of the department. A distinguished scholar, public servant and business leader, Zwick served on the faculty at UConn and at Harvard University and was director of OMB during President Johnson’s administration. After leaving government service, Zwick served as president, CEO and chairman of the board of trustees for the Southeast Banking Corporation.

Recent Zwick Center activities include a pilot project involving graduate and undergraduate students to collect data on low-income households in Willimantic; co-funding a new portable economic laboratory; presentations to the Connecticut Farm Bureau and the Connecticut Department of Agriculture detailing the economic impacts of Connecticut’s agricultural industry; and funding a study on the impacts of diet quality and food consumption behavior by low-income households.

ARE encourages and supports research collaborations with other units, including the College’s Departments of Natural Resources and the Environment, Plant Science and Landscape Architecture, Extension, and the UConn School of Engineering. The department also partners with UConn’s Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity in its mission to improve public health issues related to food. (more…)

CAHNR in the news

newspaper readersHealthDay reported on research into food and beverage advertising aimed at kids. Lead author of the study, Associate Professor Jennifer Harris said, “Children continue to view thousands of TV ads per year for unhealthy food and drinks.” Harris is on the faculty of allied health sciences. See also UConn Today.

The Daily Campus quoted Steven Zinn, a professor and department head for animal science, in an article about the voluntary milking system that is coming to Kellogg Dairy Center.

UConn Today featured a story on CAHNR student Daniel Munch, who is majoring in livestock management and policy (individualized major) and resource economics. The article mentioned his high school involvement in 4-H, mentoring animal science freshmen and CAHNR Ambassadors. He was depicted with a rooster in the poultry barn.

By Patsy Evans


CAHNR in the news

newsprintNature published a study called “Creation of forest edges has a global impact on forest vertebrates.” Among the 30 researchers on the project is the Department of Natural Resources and the Environment Visiting Assistant Professor Laura Cisneros. See also UConn Today for a video and article.

The Day mentioned Tessa Getchis and her role in explaining the science behind commercial shellfishing operations. Getchis is an extension educator in the Department of Extension in New London County.

UConn Today reported on research into advertising that made unhealthy products seem healthier to children. The study was published in Pediatric Obesity, and its lead author was Associate Professor Jennifer Harris, who is part of allied health sciences. (more…)

Meet undergraduate student Julia Schnelting

Julia Schnelting

As a UConn athlete, Julia Schnelting is always working hard at both school and rowing. Julia is a foreign exchange student from Germany and has overcome a language and culture barrier to be a student in America. Her outgoing personality has helped her to find a home with the UConn Women’s Rowing team. Read more about Julia’s experiences as a UConn student.

What attracted you to UConn? I initially came to UConn to be on the Women’s Rowing team. In Germany, it is very hard to combine sports with school. I had heard about students coming to the United States to play sports. So, I applied with an agency that brings athletes from around the world to the United States to participate on college teams. I was then approached by coaches to be a part of their rowing teams. Although I was unable to visit UConn, I liked how the school looked in pictures, and I had a good feeling about attending here.

What is your major, and why did you choose it? I am a senior studying applied resource economics in the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics (ARE).  In Germany, I had previously been studying sale engineering and product management, which was more engineering based. I thought ARE was a little strange at first, since it was in the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources, but when I did more research, it seemed like a good complement for my major back at home. (more…)