Meet graduate student Dominique Martin

  Dominique Martin is serious about horses, having owned one since the age of twelve. She plans a career in research, with her ultimate goal involving equine research. Martin is a mentor for the Department of Animal Science, training undergraduates in laboratory techniques and cell culture. She contributed to this blog as a recipient of […]

CAHNR provides many undergrad research opportunities

Various CAHNR students and faculty advisors/mentors are involved in undergraduate research projects. According to Associate Dean for Academic Programs Sandra Bushmich, undergraduates follow several avenues of exposure to research science. Some examples include students who do research for academic credit, through internship programs and as part of employment in a laboratory. Recent undergraduate research events […]

Awards and accolades for CAHNR

The Provost’s Office, UConn Alumni, and the Women’s Center recently honored Alyssa Condon, who graduated with a double major in animal science with applied and resource economics as a second, Jessica LaRosa, who graduated from Ratcliffe Hicks as an animal science major and is now working toward her BS in agriculture and natural resources, and kinesiology […]