CAHNR in the news

Gyms’ mission to promote healthy lifestyles is undermined by offering tanning beds to customers, UConn researchers in allied health sciences (AHS) say. Dr. Sherry Pagoto, a professor in AHS and director of UConn Center for mHealth and Social Media is the lead author of a new study that assessed how pervasive tanning beds are in three of the largest […]

US Animal Vaccinology Research Coordination Network connects with partners, sets priorities

Vaccination is one of the safest and most effective ways to protect individuals from disease. According to the World Health Organization, two to three million deaths are prevented every year because of immunizations. In addition to the crucial role they play in human health, vaccines are also an important tool to prevent illness in hundreds […]

CAHNR in the news

UConn Today announced UConn as the eleventh institution to earn status as a Platinum-level Skin Smart Campus from the National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention, which seeks to prevent skin cancer through education, advocacy, and raising awareness. Dr. Sherry Pagoto was lead author of a 2015 study that documented the prevalence of tanning salons and indoor tanning options on and […]