Author: Sara Putnam

Meet graduate student Danielle Tanzer

Danielle Tanzer loves everything about the forest—whether she’s out hiking or collecting data for research. As a master’s student in the Department of Natural Resources and the Environment, she is most interested in ecosystem disturbances such as invasive plants, insects and drought. She credits her mom with instilling a love of nature and her dad […]

NSF funds study of COVID-19 effects on underrepresented STEM students

The COVID pandemic has affected college students worldwide, particularly those from lower socio–economic backgrounds. This issue is such a high priority that the National Science Foundation has provided grants for research projects relating to effects of COVID-19 on education.  Concerned that STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) students might fall through the cracks during this […]

Meet 2020 graduates Caitlyn and Kristen Splaine

Recent graduates Caitlyn and Kristen Splaine may have inherited a love of science from their physician mother, but each found her own way to pursue a career path. Caitlyn grew up loving animals, particularly horses, and plans to become a veterinarian, preferably in a larger facility that caters to both small animals and horses. She […]

Resource economics student leverages food security solutions to strengthen communities

When Christian Heiden discovered the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics (ARE) in CAHNR, he felt as if there was a major created just for him. “I’m studying applied and resource economics and international development,” he says. “I am learning how to use agriculture to create economic development and empower communities through sustainable agriculture.” His […]