Author: Sara Putnam

Animal scientist studies effects of maternal nutrition on offspring

Associate professor Kristen Govoni has spent the majority of her career at UConn, having earned her BS, MS, and Ph.D. degrees in animal science in the College. Her research focuses on animal growth, development and health. For the past eight years, Govoni has been involved in a collaboration with two other faculty in the Department […]

Remote sensing expert studies relationship between land change and climate change

In January 2019, Zhe Zhu joined the Department of Natural Resources and the Environment as an assistant professor specializing in developing remote sensing techniques to track land changes in the global landscape. Says Zhu, “I am interested in the four W’s—where, when, what and why the land is changing.” His global environmental remote sensing laboratory  […]

Physical therapist develops assistive technologies for developmentally disabled young adults

Trained as a pediatric physical therapist, Sudha Srinivasan focuses on assisting children and adults with developmental disabilities. She joined the Department of Kinesiology as assistant professor in January 2019. While a Ph.D. student at UConn, Srinivasan’s research centered on two main projects—early detection of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) during the first two years of life […]