Author: Sara Putnam

Scientist, educator, Fulbright Scholar Hedley Freake will deliver Commencement address

Professor Hedley Freake will deliver the Commencement address to the CAHNR Class of 2020 on May 9. After more than three decades as a faculty member in the Department of Nutritional Sciences, Hedley Freake plans to retire. He’s not sure what his next chapter will bring. “I’m not looking to fill my time immediately,” he […]

Meet undergraduate student Barbara Shehata

After shadowing a local dentist and another dentist volunteering in Kenya’s maximum-security prisons, Barbara Shehata decided dentistry was her future. She’s particularly interested in working in an office that serves people with disabilities, a population she feels may be underserved. Her experience in Kenya taught her the importance of treating each client without judgement. She’s […]

Home and Garden Education Center staff ready to advise novice and seasoned gardeners

Social distancing presents a host of challenges, but there are some benefits, such as ample opportunity to enjoy your backyard and garden. Whether you’re looking to pass the time, provide some hands-on science education for your children, or reduce stress and relax, gardening may fit the bill. Dustyn Nelson, president of the Connecticut Nursery and […]