Author: Sara Putnam

Meet graduate student Yuxiang Wang

Yuxiang Wang first became interested in science during a middle school biology course when he found himself intrigued with biological processes. Recently, his vaccine research has refocused from tick-borne diseases to the COVID-19 virus, and for the first time in his career he feels a sense of urgency and importance to work that could contribute […]

Athletic trainer’s research examines work-life balance

Associate Professor of Kinesiology Stephanie Singe was a doctoral student when she hit a critical moment in her professional development. As a teaching assistant, she heard many of her students share their thoughts of leaving the athletic training field upon graduating. When she talked with her students about their reasons, some patterns emerged. “A lot […]

Allied Health Sciences completes departmental review, launches 4-year major at Waterbury Campus

The Department of Allied Health Sciences (AHS) has recently completed its first departmental review since its 2006 establishment within CAHNR, and the results were very favorable. “The Department of Allied Health Sciences is highly regarded across the UConn campus,” says Indrajeet Chaubey, dean and director. “The department is a leader in preparing undergraduate and graduate […]

Meet graduate student Tyler Gavitt

In the midst of a worldwide pandemic, Tyler Gavitt says he’s never felt more relevant. It took him a few departmental moves as an undergraduate to find his niche, but he now feels a calling to use his knowledge and join the fight against infectious respiratory diseases such as COVID-19. He is interested in a […]