Author: Sara Putnam

Meet undergraduate student Jacqueline Cuevas Gonzales

Jacqueline Cuevas Gonzales plans a career as a physician’s assistant, preferably in a hospital or clinical setting. She chose the Department of Allied Health Sciences (AHS) because it offers options in many healthcare fields. She has a strong desire to do something positive with her life and make a difference in the world. She says […]

Exercise scientist’s research focuses on muscle and tendon health and function in athletes and older adults

This past August, Jacob Earp joined the Department of Kinesiology in the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources as an assistant professor. He is happy to return to UConn, having earned his MA from the department. “It feels great to be back at UConn. The school has wonderful resources for both faculty and students,” […]

Microbiologist develops improved technology for poultry food safety

One Friday evening in the spring of 2019, Abhi Upadhyay, assistant professor of food microbiology and safety in the Department of Animal Science, found himself watching a video showing microbubbles for pet care and grooming. He started thinking about using this technology for food safety and spent the weekend researching its potential, current state of […]

Economist studies effects of trade disputes, Arctic ice melt and pesticide exposure

Sandro Steinbach is an assistant professor in the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources’ Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics. While his two master of science degrees and Ph.D. are in economics, he earned his undergraduate degrees in horticultural sciences and agricultural sciences. His wide knowledge facilitates Steinbach’s study of a broad range of […]