Author: Sara Putnam

New study quantifies Connecticut green industry’s economic impact

A just-released report by CAHNR’s Zwick Center for Food and Resource Policy, Impact of the Green Industry on Connecticut’s Economy, highlights the economic importance of ornamental horticulture in our state. “While every sector of the agriculture industry is important to the economy of Connecticut, ornamental horticulture currently accounts for more than half of the state’s […]

Researcher finds harvesting invasive species promotes biodiversity but increases methane release

As an assistant professor in the Department of Natural Resources and the Environment (NRE), Beth Lawrence focuses much of her research on the consequences of managing invasive plants. One such project is a three-year $650,000 EPA-funded collaboration in Northern Michigan with Oregon State University, Loyola University, Michigan Technological University, Dartmouth College and the Sault Ste. […]

Meet undergraduate student Maussi Arrunategui

Maussi Arrunategui hopes to stay at UConn after completing her undergraduate studies and earn a master’s degree in plant science, working toward a career in sustainable agriculture. She’s fond of the faculty, staff and students at the College and enjoys the family-like atmosphere, as well as the many resources available on campus. Read more about […]