Author: Sara Putnam

Extension’s Center for Learning in Retirement offers memoir writing club

Professor Emeritus of Political Science Curt Frederic Beck recently self-published a memoir entitled From Wannsee to Storrs: A Perpetual Optimist’s Journey. Beck penned the book while a member of an ongoing weekly memoir writing club offered through UConn’s Center for Learning in Retirement. CLIR is a UConn Extension program. Beck is past president of CLIR, […]

Meet graduate student Dominique Martin

  Dominique Martin is serious about horses, having owned one since the age of twelve. She plans a career in research, with her ultimate goal involving equine research. Martin is a mentor for the Department of Animal Science, training undergraduates in laboratory techniques and cell culture. She contributed to this blog as a recipient of […]

Meet graduate student Taoran Wang

Nutritional Sciences Ph.D. student Taoran Wang appreciates the research freedom associated with graduate work. Her current project concentrates on the development of edible nanoparticles to deliver poorly-absorbed nutrients through food fortification. Wang’s career goals include a West Coast faculty position and continued research in the field of food science nanotechnology. She’s excited about the possibility […]

The Department of Allied Health Sciences: an overview

The Department of Allied Health Sciences (AHS) is home to distinguished faculty working in numerous fields of study and providing research opportunities for more than 800 undergraduate and graduate students. “This is a department with diverse programs and faculty with strengths in advising, teaching and research,” says Justin Nash, professor and department head. Upon joining […]

The Department of Natural Resources and the Environment: an overview

As evidenced by the name, faculty in the Department of Natural Resources and the Environment (NRE) focus on management and conservation of our planet’s limited natural resources, including earth’s water and climate system, air quality, forests, fisheries and wildlife resources. “Our departmental research mission statement is to contribute to the solution of environmental problems, to […]