Author: Patsy Evans

Meet undergraduate Luke Anderson

Many students face a challenge at UConn trying to balance academics with their social lives and involvement in interests outside the classroom. Luke Anderson encounters this, as well. However, Anderson seemingly has more activities to coordinate. For example, he is a University Scholar, working toward dual degrees in nutritional sciences and anthropology with a minor […]

Meet alumnus John Garaventa

John Garaventa is prone to volunteering enthusiastically for something without knowing all the details. Unique adventures that resulted from this behavior were going to the Soviet Union during the Cold War era and being published in National Geographic. Here is some of what he said about his journey from an animal science student to a […]

Meet graduate student Lauren Kurtz

According to her advisor, Lauren Kurtz is dedicated to her studies. She is also a flexible individual who transitioned successfully from working in environmental education and then water conservation in Colorado to doing hemp research in Connecticut. Here is what she said about UConn. Where did you study as an undergraduate? What was your major?  […]

CAHNR in the news

The Washington Post ran an article about the perils of participating in sports in high temperatures. Professor Douglas Casa, who is on Tokyo Games commission for heat-related issues, said, “It’ll be the hottest Summer Olympics in history.” The piece also described one person’s experience with heat testing at the Korey Stringer Institute (KSI) and quoted […]