Author: Jason M. Sheldon

New grant expands student environmental work in Connecticut communities

In 1914, Congress passed the Smith-Lever Act to disseminate agricultural knowledge and research-based farming practices to the public through each state’s land-grant institution. Cooperative extension systems were established to share information and work directly in communities. Since then, UConn has developed a variety of educational programs and services that assist local residents in solving problems […]

Awards and achievements for CAHNR

For the sixth year in a row, the UConn Creamery has taken home awards from the annual American Cheese Society Judging and Competition. The Chipotle Queso Blanco and the Green Chile Queso Blanco were recognized for excellence amongst 1742 products from over 250 entering companies. The Chipotle and Green Chile cheeses were awarded second and […]

Meet graduate student Monica Marcello

This past spring, Monica Marcello finished her career as a record-setting UConn athlete. While her time as a diver and senior captain for the UConn Women’s Swimming and Diving Team may be over, she has found a new team. As a masters student in nutritional sciences, she is part of an interdisciplinary research project that […]

Meet graduate student Kristen Volz

When her family was affected by a breast cancer diagnosis, Kristen Volz sought an oncology rotation in her undergraduate dietetics program at UConn to learn more about the disease. Working at the Yale Cancer Center Survivorship Clinic, she found inspiration in bettering the lives of patients and a mentor that motivated her to continue her […]