Author: Jason M. Sheldon

Meet new faculty member Breno Fragomeni

Breno Fragomeni joined the Department of Animal Science this past August as assistant professor of genetics. He works in computational genetics, analyzing data related to animals’ performance in order to improve selection and breeding decisions for livestock. Here is what he said in an interview. Where did you get your degrees? I have a degree […]

Non-traditional students find their calling in physical therapy

Physical therapy is a personal kind of work. Physical therapists (PTs) use hands-on techniques, exercises, stretches and equipment to help patients improve or restore their mobility and reduce or manage pain caused by injury, illness and chronic conditions. PTs can treat people of all ages and backgrounds in a number of settings, including hospitals, care […]

Policy evaluation offers insight into local responses to flood risk and climate change

A recent Climate Central analysis projected that over 14,000 homes in low-lying coastal areas across Connecticut will be prone to chronic flooding by 2050. Additionally, the report determined that housing growth rates in these flood risk zones are double that of new residences constructed further inland. Homeowners appear to be more motivated by the amenities […]

Landscape architecture team develops models for coastal resilience along historic waterfront

Coastal communities face tough decisions on how to reduce the impacts of encroaching seawater caused by climate change. As oceans rise shores will transform, leaving residents of many low-lying areas struggling to adapt. To meet the challenges brought by a changing climate, the city of New London is working with UConn’s Community Research and Design […]

College organizes group to promote GMO science

According to a recent Pew Research survey, the largest difference in science-related views between the American public and scientists concerns the safety of food produced from, or that used, genetically modified organisms (GMOs). While scientists say GMOs are safe, the public is skeptical, expressing concerns about the impacts their use may have on human and […]