Author: Jason M. Sheldon

Economist boosts outcomes of African development projects with community-based initiatives

Northern Uganda has endured protracted conflict and social unrest for decades. This has left communities in poverty and lacking crucial resources to expedite economic development in the region. In 2009, the World Bank supported funding for a massive development program, the Second Northern Uganda Social Action Project Fund (NUSAF2), to improve conditions in the region. […]

SEPM continues to equip students with critical skills that build upon experience

The success of the Sustainable Environmental Planning and Management (SEPM) Online Graduate Certificate Program continues to grow as the program enters its fourth year. There have been fifteen graduates so far, with another eleven students currently enrolled in the program. Additional faculty have also been welcomed into the program since its founding in 2014. Assistant […]

Research scientist uses gene engineering and stem cells to treat cancer, autoimmune and genetic diseases

The body’s immune system regularly protects us from viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi. A complex network of cells, proteins and organs, the immune system responds to pathogens and infection, working to keep us healthy and defend our bodies against disease. However, our immune system may not always dependably guard us. Serious diseases can alter the […]

Agricultural economist measures impact of forthcoming federal GMO labeling law

A new label on food packaging could soon alter the purchasing habits of American shoppers and significantly affect producer operations. A federal law will take effect in July 2018 that informs consumers about the genetic science that may be at work behind their favorite foods. This designation may lead to price increases and other far-reaching […]

Extension educator promotes partnership and volunteerism in economic and community development projects

Connecticut has quaint rural communities, scenic coastal towns and bustling urban areas. These diverse locations are home to an array of businesses, attractions, municipal services, community organizations and residents, making every one of Connecticut’s 169 towns truly unique. Laura Brown recognizes and celebrates the distinct character and resources of each town through her work as […]