CAHNR in the news

Students ReadingAssociate Extension Educator Michael Dietz was featured in a WFSB video on drought conditions in the state. He suggested shallow well owners and those who have experienced water problems from this year’s drought consider deepening their wells. He told WFSB a warming climate means residents can expect more droughts. Dietz is a joint faculty member in the Department of Natural Resources and the Environment and director of the Connecticut Institute for Water Resources.

Douglas Casa is a guest editor on a forthcoming special issue of the journal Nutrients. The issue will be entitled “Hydration and Fluid Needs during Physical Activity” and address a variety of hydration topics related to the performance, health, heat exposure, safety, recovery, physiology and other factors that are influenced when fluid balance is altered during physical activity. Casa is a professor in the Department of Kinesiology and chief executive officer of the Korey Stringer Institute.

UConn Today reported the Office of Vice President for Research announced funding awards for projects related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Associate Extension Educator Emily Wilson is co-PI on “An integrated surveillance program for improved detection, containment and mitigation of COVID-19.” Wilson is a geospatial educator in the UConn Center for Land Use Education and Research.

Eat This, Not That! featured a list of twenty common foods with healthy fats. They cited research by the Department of Nutritional Sciences and the Department of Kinesiology on how the consumption of eggs can reduce low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol.

Professor Sherry Pagoto in the Department of Allied Health Sciences was quoted in the Huffington Post. She was among a number of mental health experts sharing tips for addressing anxiety and practicing self-care during election season. She suggested turning off the TV when feeling aggravated and then engaging in a more pleasant and relaxing activity.

The UConn Center for Land Use Education and Research (CLEAR) will be part of a research forum, UConn Research in Action: COVID on Campus, about implementation of a multi-dimensional COVID surveillance program on the Storrs campus. The event is being moderated by Jeffrey Shoulson, senior vice provost for academic affairs, on October 14. In addition to speakers from CLEAR, panelists will include faculty and staff from the Institute for Systems Genomics, Student Health and Wellness and the Microbial Analysis, Resources, and Services Laboratory.

By Jason M. Sheldon