CAHNR in the news

Students ReadingAs many states prepare plans to restart high school and collegiate sports, organizations need to consider how to safely return athletes to activity and avoid injury, illness and sudden death in sport. Recognizing that many organizations will need to develop enhanced safety policies when athletics resume, the Korey Stringer Institute (KSI) created the Return to Sports and Exercise during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Guidance for High School and Collegiate Athletic Programs,” a document of guidelines to serve as a resource for sport organizations, high schools and college sport programs to return to sports safely during the COVID-19 pandemic. Several faculty members in the Department of Kinesiology helped author the guidelines, including Associate Professor in Residence and KSI Chief Operating Officer Rebecca Stearns, Postdoctoral Research Associate and KSI Vice President of Sport Safety Samantha Scarneo-Miller, Assistant Research Professor and KSI President of Research & Athlete Performance and Safety Robert Huggins. The document is endorsed by the American College of Sports Medicine, National Athletic Trainers’ Association, and several other groups.

Sherry Pagoto, a professor in the Department of Allied Health Sciences and director of the UConn Center for mHealth and Social Media (CHASM), was interviewed by UConn Today about how she transitioned CHASM’s two-day conference to an online-only event.

UConn Today announced UConn is rated sixth out of over 1,000 universities in forty countries in the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education 2020 Sustainable Campus Index. The article cited two programs in which CAHNR is a partner: the UConn Climate Corps and Natural Resources Conservation Academy.

UConn Today shared an article by Tessa Getchis, an aquaculture extension specialist and educator for UConn Extension and Connecticut Sea Grant, about a trip to the Dominican Republic last fall to teach marine science to middle-school aged girls from impoverished families. The project was supported by UConn and Connecticut Sea Grant. The story was originally published in the Spring/Summer 2020 issue of Wrack Lines, the magazine of the Connecticut Sea Grant College Program at UConn Avery Point.

By Jason M. Sheldon