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CAHNR students selected as 2020 University Scholars

UConn announced the 2020 University ScholarsThe University Scholar Program is one of the most prestigious programs for undergraduates at UConn. Available to students from all of the University’s schools and colleges, the University Scholar Program allows students to design and pursue an in-depth research or creative project and to craft an individualized plan of study that supports their intellectual interests during their final three semesters. Each student is mentored by an advisory committee of three faculty.

Three undergraduate students in CAHNR majors were selected for the program.

Mari Cullerton is a double major in environmental sciences and natural resources. Her project is entitled “Field-based disturbance ecology, remote sensing, and geospatial analysis: An interdisciplinary approach to the evaluation of the role of secondary mortality agents in forest disturbances.” Natural Resources and the Environment (NRE) Assistant Professor Robert Fahey is the chair of her advisory committee. Other committee members include NRE Assistant Professor Zhe Zhu and Forest Sustainability Extension Educator Thomas Worthley.

Daniel Mitola is a double major in Sustainable Plant and Soil Systems and English. His project is entitled “Biography of Place: A Spring Valley Almanac.” Professor Gerald Berkowitz of the Department of Plant Science and Landscape Architecture (PSLA) is on his advisory committee.

Kerry Morgan is a double major in allied health sciences and molecular and cell biology. Her project is entitled “The Effects of Altered FGF8 Signaling on Atoh1 Expression in the Developing Cerebellum.” Associate Professor Jeanne McCaffery of the Department of Allied Health Sciences is on her advisory committee.

CAHNR faculty members are also advisors for Meghan Long, a physiology and neurobiology major in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Assistant Professor Elaine Choung-Hee Lee of the Department of Kinesiology is the chair of her advisory committee. PSLA Professor Mark Brand is also on her advisory committee.

By Jason M. Sheldon