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Science Daily reported that a recent study found that a forest’s structural complexity is a better predictor of carbon sequestration potential than tree species diversity. Robert Fahey, an assistant professor in natural resources and the environment, was a collaborator on the study, which may have implications for the mitigation of climate change. UConn Today also reported on the study and includes comments by Fahey.

Professor Nancy Rodriguez of the Department of Nutritional Sciences is quoted explaining the relationship between carbohydrates and muscle growth in a Men’s Health article about sports supplements.

Climate Central conducted a study that examined the rising number of extreme heat index days across the country over the last four decades and their impact on the world of sports. The article mentioned Douglas Casa, kinesiology professor and chief executive officer of the Korey Stringer Institute (KSI), and his continued work with high school athletic associations in all fifty states to promote instituting state-level policies for preventing heat illness. The Verge published an article that discusses Climate Central’s study and includes comments by Casa. KSI and Casa are also mentioned in an article in Bloomberg about how extreme heat has affected athletes in Texas.

By Jason M. Sheldon