CAHNR in the news

newspaper readersTime discussed teen use of energy drinks as a public health concern. It mentioned the research of Associate Professor Jennifer Harris and that she provided testimony on the subject at a congressional committee hearing. Harris is part of allied health sciences. See also Quartz and The Atlantic.

ABC News included advice from the Korey Stringer Institute about cooling the body to prevent further damage in athletes who are suffering from heat stroke.

UConn Today reported on a study that showed patients with hypertension, who monitor their own blood pressure, are motivated to continue exercising.  Members of the research team, who are associated with the Department of Kinesiology, include Distinguished Professor Linda Pescatello, Associate Professor Beth Taylor, postdoctoral fellow Amanda Zaleski, graduate students Gregory Panza and Melody Kramarz and undergraduate student Kyle McCormick. See also Journal of Hypertension, where the study was published and Medicine news line.

By Patsy Evans