CAHNR in the news

Students with mobile devicesUConn Today mentioned and depicted four CAHNR students who participated in the United Nations Conference of Parties (COP) 24th Climate Change Summit. They are UConn@COP24 Fellows: Luke Anderson (dual degree in anthropology and nutritional sciences with a minor in mathematics), Kayleigh Granville (environmental science with a concentration in global change), Risa Lewis (applied and resource economics with a concentration in environmental policy and economics with a minor in English) and Adrienne Nguyen (pathobiology and molecular and cell biology with a minor in Human Rights).

USA Today published an article written by Professor Sherry Pagoto about career equality in relationships. Pagoto is on the faculty of the Department of Allied Health Sciences.

UPI quoted Rebecca Boehm in an article about how students were shown to choose fruit juice over more nutritious whole fruit or milk. Boehm is a former postdoctoral research associate in agricultural and resource economics.

UConn Today gave suggestions for protecting the environment and quoted several CAHNR people. 1) Associate Cooperative Extension Educator Michael Dietz said we need to address the overapplication of deicing salts. 2) If homeowners used less lawn fertilizer, they could have a positive effect on the Long Island Sound summer dead zone caused by human waste and lawn fertilizers, according to Department of Natural Resources and the Environment Assistant Professor Ashley Helton. 3) Extension Educator Chester Arnold pointed out the importance of being involved in managing and preserving open spaces. 4) Being involved in environmental protection and policy making at any level is urged by Rebecca Boehm, a former postdoctoral research associate in agricultural and resource economics. See also

By Patsy Evans