Awards and achievements for CAHNR

CAHNR_Alumni_AwardsSix CAHNR students were recently named as University Scholars. Ten CAHNR faculty members are included in their committees.

The University Scholar Program, according to its website, allows students to design and pursue an in-depth research or creative project and to craft an individualized plan of study that supports their intellectual interests during their final three semesters. Each student is mentored by an advisory committee of three faculty. Selection criteria includes innovative projects and academically rigorous course selection.

Luke Anderson

Major: anthropology and nutritional sciences
Project Title: Cultural Food Habits as a Social Factor of Health Among Iraqi Migrants in Malmö, Sweden: A Focused Ethnographic Study
CAHNR faculty on committee: Assistant Extension Professor Michael Puglisi, nutritional sciences

Chelsea Garcia

Major: nutritional sciences
Project Title: The Effects of Bacterial Lipid, Lipid 654, on Neuroinflammation
CAHNR faculty on committee: Assistant Professor Christopher N. Blesso (chair), Assistant Professor Alison B. Kohan, Professor Ji-Young Lee, all from nutritional sciences

Analyse Giordano

Major: allied health sciences
Project Title: Increasing the Longevity of Fully Implantable Continuous Glucose Monitors Using Biocompatible Ceramic Nanoparticles and Nanotexturing
CAHNR faculty on committee: Professor Valerie B. Duffy, allied health sciences

Kara Heilemann

Major: pathobiology and nutritional sciences
Project Title: Novel Antimicrobial Peptide Site-Specific Activation by Proteolytic Cleavage
CAHNR faculty on committee: Associate Professor Paulo Verardi, pathobiology; Assistant Professor Yangchao Luo, nutritional sciences

Kathleen Renna

Major: diagnostic genetic sciences
Project Title: Evaluation of Integrin Gene Classifications and Developmental Age Differences in Gene Activity toward Understanding the Process of Axon Regeneration
CAHNR faculty on committee: Associate Professor in Residence Judy Brown, Allied Health Sciences

Daniel Yu

Major: exercise science
Project Title: Mechanisms of Statin Effects on Muscle and Neuronal Proteostasis
CAHNR faculty on committee: Assistant Professor Elaine C. Lee, (chair); Assistant Professor Beth Taylor, both from kinesiology

The Office of Undergraduate Research announced the names of CAHNR undergraduates, who made significant research and creative accomplishments in summer and fall 2018.

Kathleen Renna, an undergraduate in the Health Research Program, and Yue (Jacky) Yang ’19 (ENG), a 2018 SURF student, were co-authors on a recent publication based on research conducted with Dr. Ephraim Trakhtenberg at UConn Health:

Rheaume, B.A., Jereen, A., Bolisetty, M., Sajid, M.S., Yang, Y., Renna, K., Sun, L., Robson, P., & Trakhtenberg, E.F. (2018). Single Cell Transcriptome Profiling of Retinal Ganglion Cells Identifies Cellular Subtypes. Nature Communications, 9(1). doi: 10.1038/s41467-018-05134-3

American Society of Animal Science – Canadian Society of Animal Science Annual Meeting and Trade Show – July 8-12, 2018 – Vancouver, British Columbia

Lauren Engels – OUR Travel recipient
The Effects of Poor Maternal Nutrition on Fetal Brain Development

Helenrose Iannitti – OUR Travel recipient
Effects of Poor Maternal Nutrition during Gestation on Oxidative Stress in Offspring Muscle

Veronica Pleasant – OUR Travel recipient
The Effects of Maternal Milk Production on Dairy Calf Growth and Health

By Patsy Evans