CAHNR in the news

Students with mobile devicesThe Daily Campus asked Professor Xiusheng Yang if Connecticut winters have been changing over the past few years. He said that there is not yet enough data to support the development of any kind of precipitation pattern. Yang is on the faculty of the Department of Natural Resources and the Environment and director of the Connecticut State Climate Center. See also a subsequent The Daily Campus article.

UConn Today reported that Indrajeet Chaubey was named as the new dean of CAHNR, the director of the Connecticut Cooperative Extension System and the director of the Storrs Agricultural Experiment Station. Chaubey comes to UConn from Purdue University, and his start date is March 1.

Hearst news quoted Associate Cooperative Extension Educator Juliana Barrett about what she teaches her Climate Corps class and what evidence she sees regarding climate change in the Northeast.

UConn Today included an article about taking soil and sediment core samples of Horsebarn Hill to study the history of the geologic layers.

Journal Inquirer interviewed Assistant Extension Professor Ana Legrand about bed bugs and how to detect them and avoid being infested with them.

SELF posted about running in cold weather and gave tips from Professor Douglas Casa. Casa is on the faculty of the Department of Kinesiology.

By Patsy Evans