CAHNR in the news

newspaper included an article by Rebecca Boehm about the relationship between United States household food purchasing and greenhouse gas emissions. Boehm is a postdoctoral research associate in agricultural and resource economics.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services released a second edition of the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans on Monday. It gives recommendations for youth ages 3 through 17 and adults in order to give them the physical activity they need for health. Department of Kinesiology Distinguished Professor Linda Pescatello, part of the Physical Activity Guidelines Advisory Committee, is one of 17 top researchers throughout the nation who produced the 800-page report. See also Five Takeaways on Exercise Guidelines by Age.

The Associated Press ran an article by Professor Sherry Pagoto about how to increase the amount of exercise you get, based on the new guidelines for physical activity. Pagoto is on the faculty of allied health sciences. See also The Washington Post and UConn Today. Reposted from The Conversation.

UConn Today described the Internet of Things (IoT) course at Spring Valley Farm as a collaborative effort by the School of Business, the School of Engineering and the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources.

The Daily Campus reported on a talk given in the WB Young building about the loss and restoration of wetlands. Jessie Sanzo, a natural resources and the environment major, attended the lecture and was quoted in the article.

UConn Today posted a photo array of the Worldlfest event. CAHNR student Lily Horner, who was representing the International Huskies Writing Assistance organization, was depicted.

By Patsy Evans