CAHNR in the news

Students with mobile devicesHealth Medicine Network reported on research and a published paper that investigated the toxic effects of oil and an oil dispersant on eastern oysters. Department of Pathobiology and Veterinary Science faculty who were part of the study include Assistant Research Professor Milton Levin and Connecticut Sea Grant College Program Director Sylvain De GuiseAquatic Toxology published the paper.

USA Today editorial stated that many football programs are not prepared to keep their players safe. Department of Kinesiology Professor Douglas Casa commented on procedures for preventing heat stroke.

The Daily Campus quoted Professor Xiusheng Yang about the likelihood of a major hurricane hitting Connecticut. Yang is part of the Department of Natural Resources and the Environment and the director of the Connecticut State Climate Center.

The Hartford Courant posted an article by Department of Plant Science and Landscape Architecture Associate Professor Kristin Schwab and Department of Educational Leadership Professor Richard Schwab, which gave key ideas to help freshmen to be successful in college.

UConn Today ran an article about the health of the “swing tree” near Mirror Lake. It included a reference to the UConn Plant Database and quotes by Professor Mark Brand, who is on the faculty of plant science and landscape architecture.

UConn Today announced that UConn is joining the University Climate Change Coalition. The Connecticut Institute for Climate Resilience and Adaptation (CIRCA) will be able to broaden its partnerships with this new membership. CAHNR has ten CIRCA-affiliated faculty and staff, according to the CIRCA website. interviewed new farmers in Connecticut. One of them appreciated UConn Extension for its helpfulness with plant diagnostics and soil questions.

The Daily Campus highlighted a student photography contest sponsored by the Connecticut Institute of Water Resources. The winner will be announced in October.


By Patsy Evans