CAHNR in the news

newspaper readersUConn Today featured a photo spread of the combined UConn Men’s and Women’s Polo team as it competed against a team from the University of Kentucky at the Horsebarn Hill Arena. CAHNR students depicted are Julianna Gallo, Sage Saffran, Kathlene Moriarty and Nicole Kula.  Also shown is James Dinger, associate professor of animal science emeritus, who serves as a polo referee.

Science Daily listed Associate Professor Jennifer Harris as a co-author of a study that shows the marketing of “toddler drinks” may be confusing to parents about the health value. Harris is on the faulty of allied health sciences. See also EurekAlert! and ABC News. quoted Associate Cooperative Extension Educator Laura Brown, who piloted First Impressions Connecticut. In this Extension program, community leaders from one town visit another, and vice versa, to give their impressions of the town’s strengths and weaknesses. This will help in planning efforts.

By Patsy Evans