newsprintSome of CAHNR’s people, places and programs made the news recently. The bolded topics are linked to initial media coverage. The roman text links go to additional information.

UConn Senior. 4-20-17. Interviewed Christian Caceres, a graduating senior majoring in nutritional sciences/pre-medicine, for the Senior Spotlight. Caceres said that he did nutritional science research in Professor Ji-Young Lee‘s lab for almost 3 years.

NBC News. 4-26-17. Quoted Jennifer Harris, an associate professor in allied health, as saying that some of the ingredients in energy drinks are not FDA-approved as safe in the food supply. The article referenced a study that compared the effects of energy drinks on the body versus caffeine alone. Harris was not part of that study.

UConn Today. 4-26-17. Depicted areas around CAHNR facilities in a “UConn on Instagram: 2017” posting.

UConn Senior. 5-4-17. Put Riley Doherty in the Senior Spotlight. Doherty, who majored in natural resources and the environment, said her favorite place on campus is the UConn Forest.

UConn Today. 5-4-17. Posted a video of graduating seniors posing in front of the Farwell (a.k.a Jacobson) Barn and other areas around CAHNR.

UConn Today. 5-11-17. Reported about a study that found people, who go from doing none to doing some physical activity, report an improvement in well-being. Members of the Department of Kinesiology research team, who were quoted in the article, include graduate student and lead author Gregory Panza, Distinguished Professor Linda Pescatello and Associate Professor Beth Taylor.

UConn Today. 5-11-17. Depicts CAHNR student Madeline Grieger ’20 (CAHNR) with Jonathan XIV during the UConn Nation Employee Appreciation Event. Grieger was working in the UConn Dairy Bar truck at the celebration.

Jewish Press. 5-1-17. Mentioned the Department of Kinesiology’s Robert Huggins, a postdoctoral fellow, and Douglas Casa, a professor, as assisting in the creation of  Ariel’s Checklist, a 10-point document that raises awareness of exertional heat stroke (EHS). Ariel Newman’s death from EHS, while on a yeshiva program in Israel, prompted his parents to help others by making and distributing the list.

By Patsy Evans