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Patsy Evans
Patsy Evans

A longtime member of the UConn community, Patsy Evans started as a research assistant in plant science. Her current role involves working with all members of the College, from mentoring students to assisting academic departments and units in putting their information on the web. Here is what she had to say in an interview.

Tell us your job title and main responsibilities. How long have you worked here?

I’m a marketing and publicity administrator in the Office of Communications. I enjoy writing and editing for the CAHNR blog, Naturally@UConn, and managing web projects. I facilitate the Web Team, which completes the designing and programming for new and existing websites in CAHNR. We create pages for the academic departments, Extension programs and other groups within the College. I meet with the website representatives from various areas of the College to understand what needs they have, what they want on their site, and their preferences about the look of the site and the way it works. An important part of my job is to shepherd the process from start to finish with a resulting website that is  aesthetically pleasing and functional while meeting the needs of our clients.

I also mentor Gavitt Students. These students, primarily undergraduates, are recipients of a grant and gain hands-on experience in the Office of Communications, polishing their skills in writing, editing,  and working with a team. When they come here, they learn a lot about the journalistic writing style, which helps inform their understanding of writing informative web content. There are also English department interns that I supervise in our Office. They receive the same coaching but are graded.

I started working at UConn in 1987 so I’ve been at UConn for 29 years.

Name one aspect of your work that you really like.

I enjoy being part of the Web Team. I think when we work together, our different strengths combine and produce exciting results. I also like coordinating with different members of the College on the websites and facilitating that process. Acting as an intermediary, I get to spend a lot of time listening, understanding, explaining and seeing all the parts of a project come together, and that is a great feeling of accomplishment.

Have you ever had another job at UConn?

When I first came here, I was a research assistant in the Department of Plant Science. I worked in a lab at the Lee Farm with the late-Richard Ashley, a professor of horticulture and a vegetable crops specialist. We conducted research in integrated pest management, which was around the time of its introduction to the College.

As a researcher, I spent a lot of time in the library writing grant proposals. I also wrote articles and served as an editor for a few different newsletters.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I grew up in a small Pennsylvania town of about 600 people. There wasn’t much to do. So, as an adult I was eager to try new things. I’m interested in seizing any opportunity to go places and explore the world.

My husband of 42 years came from an urban area and has diverse interests so we do many activities together. We travel, root for the Pirates baseball team, visit historical sites, and enjoy trips to New York City to visit museums.

Because I “embrace” color, I also enjoy adult coloring books. They help me unwind

Name your favorite Dairy Bar flavor.

I love coconut ice cream with hot fudge.

Is there anything else you would like us to know about you?

My Christian faith is the most important thing about me. My husband is a pastor, my daughter is the wife of a pastor and my daughter-in-law is married to a pastor, so my religion is strongly rooted in my family life. My daughter and I post to our blog called Sunday Women, which discusses topics related to being a pastor’s wife since we share that experience.

My children say that I have “an overdeveloped sense of whimsy.” If you visit my office, you will see exactly what they mean.

I think having grown up in a small town has helped me appreciate the things we do in the College even more. I was raised in a house on a Century Farm in an area with a high percentage of state game lands and forests. I was involved in 4-H, as well. I believe all that experience prepared me for being in CAHNR.

By Jason M. Sheldon

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