Meet undergraduate Colin Ng

Colin Ng

While discussing his college experience, Colin Ng described UConn as its own city. And, Colin has certainly made the city his own through his involvement in the Undergraduate Student Government, ultimate Frisbee team, CAHNR Ambassador program and his two majors and two minors. Here is what he said about his experiences as a CAHNR student.

What attracted you to UConn? I liked UConn’s affordability and proximity to my home in Greenwich, Connecticut, and once I was accepted, it was an easy decision. UConn is an amazing school, and I am really happy here.

Why did you choose your particular major? I am double majoring in resource economics and environmental studies and minoring in history and geography. I started out as an environmental science major, but after taking biology and chemistry my freshman year, I realized I was not exactly scientifically inclined. However, I was still interested in the environment. When a friend recommended the resource economics major, I decided to check it out. In resource economics, we learn more about the economics and policies behind environmental issues. I decided to add environmental studies as a second major because it offers an interdisciplinary approach to learning about the environment, and I get to take classes in all different departments.

Which one of your UConn activities, internships or jobs was the most memorable? Why? I am the Speaker of the Senate in UConn’s Undergraduate Student Government. Being a part of USG for the past four years has given me an inside look into how our university is run, the student and administration interactions and the amount of work that goes into making our experiences at UConn great. I view UConn as a city and USG as a city manager’s office as it plans events and deals with issues that arise. Through USG, I have made great friends and had some awesome experiences.

Name two other experiences that have enriched your studies. I am a member of UConn Ultimate, the men’s ultimate Frisbee club and team. I wanted to join something active when I got to college, and the ultimate team has given me the opportunity to meet a great group of people and be competitive.

Also, this past summer, I was an AmeriCorps VISTA Summer Associate. I worked in New Haven public schools and supported a summer meals program in which students received free meals during the summer, not just during the school year. It was refreshing to see government resources going into this program in such a nonpartisan way; everyone could agree that we had to feed the kids.

What was the biggest challenge in your UConn career? My biggest challenge was time management. However, after watching a movie called About a Boy, in which the main character breaks up his days into one-hour segments, I decided that this was a great way to organize my time. This strategy has worked for me ever since! It’s funny to think that my college career was put on track because of a Hugh Grant movie.

When do you expect to graduate? What then? I expect to graduate in May 2016, and I have two different plans for after graduation. One, I would like to get my teaching certificate from UConn. UConn offers a great eleven-month program called the Teacher Certification Program for College Graduates (TCPCG), through which one can get certified to teach in Connecticut. I would like to teach high school history, economics or social studies. Or, I would like to receive a master’s degree in public administration. Because I really like nongovernmental organizations and the citizen responsibility that they stand for, I want to work in the NGO or government sector.

Is there anything else you would like us to know about you? In the summer of 2014, I lived in Mexico and taught English and math. That was when I realized I would love to be a teacher. Another fun fact about that experience is that I discovered how to fix a toilet using a water bottle!

By Lauren O’Malley

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  1. Mr. Ng, congratulations on your experience with Uconn. I worked in student activities in the Student Union for 25 years so certainly I’m more than familiar with all you do. No wonder you needed help with time management! Aside from co-curricular activities, your academic endeavors leave me in awe & proud of a specific Uconn student. Students kept me young! You’ll accomplish great things by teaching others & much happiness is in your future.
    I’m guessing you are of Vietnamese descent from your last name. I appreciate your beautiful culture. A long time ago, probably before you were born, many Vietnamese students were boat people who had much determination & went on to lead prosperous lives, both with family & careers.
    Good luck Mr. Ng!

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