newsprintOffice of Undergraduate Research blog. 4-28-15. Announced that nutritional sciences student Kayleigh Fay received a Summer Undergraduate Research Fund (SURF) Award for a study of the Effectiveness of Nutrition Education in Competitive Irish Dancers. Her faculty mentor is Professor Nancy Rodriquez.

Journal Inquirer. 5-7-15. Quoted Professor of Extension Cathleen Love and depicted new People Empowering People (PEP) program graduates in Enfield with their facilitator, Lorena Cisneros.

UConn Today. 5-26-15. Reported on research done by Maria-Luz Fernandez, a professor in nutritional sciences. The study challenged the assumption that oatmeal was a better breakfast for a diabetic than an egg and was published in Nutrients. See also ClinicaSpace.

Journal Inquirer. 5-28-15. Ran a dieting story and quoted Umekia Taylor, an associate cooperative extension educator, about the accuracy of counting calories and the value of healthy eating.

By Patsy Evans