Image of the week

Hehuanshan Taiwan
Peak of Hehuanshan. This photo, taken in Taiwan by NUSC student Julia Werth, won the Husky Spirit award in the Spring 2015 Study Abroad Photo Contest.

Julia Werth, a dual degree student in nutritional sciences (dietetics) and journalism, recently won a photo contest sponsored by the UConn Study Abroad program. She studied geoscience and geohazards in Taiwan and was the designated blogger for the education abroad trip. Werth’s future goal is to be a nutrition, health, running and/or science writer.

The photo was taken in Taiwan at the peak of Hehuanshan. Werth said, “shan means mountain in Mandarin so it doesn’t make sense to say Mt. Hehuanshan.” Her photo was one of two winners in the Husky Pride category, which required an image that was obviously in a different country and that depicted UConn in some way. Werth did a blog posting about the hike that the students were on when she got the photo.

By Patsy Evans