International agribusiness journal editorship continues at UConn

Rigoberto Lopea and Adam Rabinowitz
Rigoberto Lopez (left) and editor Adam Rabinowitz

The prestigious Agribusiness: An International Journal has been published for over 30 years. Upon the retirement of Ronald W. Cotterill, professor in the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics and the journal’s editor for 16 years, an international call went out to fill the position. After considering a number of applications, co-editorships were awarded to a triumvirate of academicians with an international composition.

Rigoberto Lopez, professor and head of the Department of Agricultural and Resources Economics and director of the Zwick Center for Food and Resource Policy, is one of the trio of editors. The other two are from the University of Bonn in Germany and the University of Tokyo in Japan.

“The new co-editors make the journal truly international. They span the globe and bring a decidedly international scope to the publication,” according to Adam Rabinowitz, assistant professor with responsibilities in research and extension in the department and with the Zwick Center.

The journal is an important vehicle for sharing academic research, but it also reaches policy makers who focus on issues related to legislation, social media and consumer trends.

Another new component will be academic conferences throughout the world focusing on articles relevant to the publication. The first conference is being organized by the editors and will be held in Beijing, China, in 2016.

Agribusiness: An International Journal focuses on articles that reach from the farm gate to the retailer, food security and food safety and the impact of decisions on consumers. Some issues cover a variety of topics or hone in on areas of special interest such one volume devoted to the topic of cooperatives. Submitted articles are subject to a double-blind peer review. Although there may be a one-year delay between acceptance of an article and its publication in the journal, once a submission has been vetted it goes online quite quickly, according to Rabinowitz, who serves as assistant coordinating editor.

Every year the journal presents an award of $5,000 for the journal’s outstanding article. The first recipient was Lopez, whose work was selected by independent reviewers not associated with UConn. Since then, UConn alumnus Benaissa Chidmi, a faculty member at Texas Tech University, has also received the award.

For co-editor Lopez, the journal represents several layers of impact and outreach.

“Continuation of the editorship of the journal here will extend exposure of the department, the College and UConn internationally. Further globalization of the journal, a sign of the times, will expand its geographic reach, academic impact and exposure of the UConn brand. These factors increase our international reputation and help us recruit faculty and graduate students. The ultimate goal of the co-editors is to take the journal to the next level after the legacy of Professor Emeritus Ronald Cotterill,” Lopez said.

The journal is published four times per year and although individual subscriptions are available, it is offered primarily through institutional libraries.

By Nancy Weiss