CAHNR in the news

newsprintA CAHNR professor, two departments and a building appeared in the news recently. The hyperlinked names will take you to the articles.

UConn Today. 12-12-14. Featured a black and white photo of the Jacobson barn, taken by UConn’s Peter Morenus as part of a national social media campaign. The image was on Instagram, as well.

Yahoo! Health. 12-15-14. Quoted Linda Pescatello, a kinesiology distinguished professor, about why muscles sometimes shake during exercise. She said, “Muscle shakes are benign unless you continue to subject yourself to pretty intense resistance exercise without taking rest days.”

UConn Today. 12-16-14. Mentioned ongoing collaborations with the College of Agriculture, Health, and Natural Resources’ plant science and animal science departments by Jill Wegrzyn, assistant research professor of ecology and evolutionary biology. She works as a bioinformaticist with “big data.”

By Patsy Evans