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CBS New York aired a story about the new cannabis horticulture class at UConn that equips students for jobs in the legal marijuana industry. The footage includes interviews with students, instructor and adjunct faculty member Matt DeBacco and Professor Gerry Berkowitz. DeBacco and Berkowitz are part of the Department of Plant Science and Landscape Architecture. See also The Daily Campus.

UConn Today published a story about a food insecurity roundtable. A CAHNR student, Wanjiku (Wawa) Gatheru, was one of the speakers and depicted in the article. Gatheru is majoring in environmental studies with a minor in global studies.

Cooking Light included comments from Professor Sherry Pagoto about successful resolutions for better health. Pagoto is on the faculty of the Department of Allied Health Sciences. Continue reading

Awards and achievements for CAHNR

Idea Grant graphic
Image courtesy of the Office of Undergraduate Research.

Recipients of the UConn IDEA Grant receive up to $4,000 per student to support self-designed projects including artistic endeavors, community service initiatives, entrepreneurial ventures, research projects, and other creative and innovative projects, according to the Office of Undergraduate Research’s website.

Of the 11 undergraduate awardees for fall 2018, two are CAHNR students. Paulina Frutos, who is majoring in environmental science, is researching the effects of habitat heterogeneity on microbial community diversity in a restored freshwater tidal marsh. She will compare various sediment properties within the study site, as well as to a natural wetland of the same type, to make inferences concerning microbial habitat quality. Her project is called Assessment of Microbial Community Diversity and Influences in a Restored Freshwater Tidal Marsh.

An allied health sciences major, Kristen Shubert, is focusing on the effects of feedback on developing children within the context of a narrative to determine the effects of different feedback types on learning and behavior. Shubert’s project is entitled The Effect of Feedback on Cognitive Processes Involved in Tracking Object Histories and Learning.

A list of cohort 12/fall 2018 IDEA Grant recipients is available on the Office of Undergraduate Research website.

By Patsy Evans


Meet alumna Jaime Foster

Connecticut Food Bank
Photo from CT Food Bank Facebook page

With three degrees from UConn’s CAHNR, Jaime Foster says she “bleeds bluer than most.” She was honored to associate with the best and brightest in both allied health and nutritional sciences. Here is what she said in an interview.

 What was your major in the College? When did you graduate? With what degree? I received a BS in allied health sciences (dietetics) in 2012. I went on from there to get a masters and a PhD in the Department of Nutritional Sciences, with Amy Mobley as my advisor. My research focus was community nutrition, and I am an expert in hunger and food insecurity. I also did a postdoctoral fellowship with the UConn Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity.

What part of your academics was most useful to you? I became confident in myself as a nutrition professional through my community nutrition class taught by Professor Valerie Duffy and Associate Professor Ock Chun and the medical nutrition therapy class taught by Professor Jane Kerstetter. In addition, the relationships I had with the faculty as an undergraduate were valuable. I enjoyed community placements curated by Extension Instructor Tina Dugdale, and now we are looking into future collaborations where new students can work with me at the Food Bank. In graduate school, I also benefitted from constant mentorship and guidance from my advisor Amy Mobley, who I am still publishing with now. Continue reading

New head appointed for Department of Nutritional Sciences

Ji Young Lee
Ji Young Lee

Ji-Young Lee has been appointed head of the Department of Nutritional Sciences. Lee joined the College in 2010 as an associate professor and was promoted to professor in August 2018.

“I feel very honored to be chosen as the next head of nutritional sciences,” Lee says. “I have developed such affection and loyalty to this department since I came to UConn, and I truly believe this is the best place for me.”

“I know this is a very tough job, particularly as the University faces budget challenges, but I feel the support from department faculty, staff and students as we look toward the future.”

“I have achieved much more than I could have imagined before I came to UConn, in part due to the support I received. I see my new role as an opportunity to return this support and help to make this department even more successful. A personal goal of mine is to create a place where members are happy and satisfied with their success and their career and can feel proud to be a member of this department.”

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