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The Department of Kinesiology was exceptionally well represented at the 65th American College of Sports Medicine Annual Meeting, held May 29–June 2 in Minneapolis. Linda Pescatello (far right in the photo above) and Lawrence Armstrong, both professors in the department, gave talks, and eleven graduate students presented posters. Third from the left in the back row is Thijs Vonk of Radboud University in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, a visiting scholar in Pescatello’s lab. Vonk and Pescatello are are joined by members of their respective lab groups.

Awards and accolades for CAHNR

4-H Leaders Conference Awards(1)
4-H Leaders Conference Awards, Connecticut Agricultural College. By Jerauld A. Manter, 1956. From the UConn Libraries Archives and Special Collections.

Assistant Cooperative Extension Educator Jennifer Cushman received a letter telling her that she was selected as the national winner for the Excellence in Ag Literacy Programming Award by the National Association of Extension 4-H Agents (NAE4-HA) member recognition committee. The letter emphasized the program’s contribution to clientele and the building of youth development, in general. Cushman will be recognized at a conference banquet in October in Columbus, Ohio.

Names listed on the NAE4-HA website with Cushman’s are Beth Bye, executive director, and Darlene Yule, education coordinator. Both of these women are part of the 4-H Education Center at Auerfarm where many of Cushman’s urban agriculture 4-H programs have taken place.

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CAHNR in the news

Students with mobile devicesUConn Today reported on a study done with elephant and Weddell seals by a team that included the Department of Pathobiology and Veterinary Science’s Assistant Research Professor Milton Levin. There was no evidence of damage to pulmonary tissues in the seals. See also R&D and Journal of Experimental Biology.

Business Vancouver depicted and quoted Department of Animal Science Professor and Department Head Steven Zinn in an article about the popularity of Vancouver, British Columbia as a convention destination. As president of the American Society of Animal Science, Zinn was part of the overall program committee for the ASAS-CSAS annual meeting and trade show in Vancouver in early July. Zinn also participated in the World Congress on Animal Production, held before the annual meeting.

UConn Today published an article by John Volin about some of UConn’s sustainable solutions to environmental problems. Volin is vice provost for academic affairs and a professor in natural resources and the environment. Continue reading

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Mules. By Harry Garrigus, 1907. Team of mules hitched to a hay filled wagon standing on dirt road in front of ivy covered building (Agricultural Hall). Man standing on top of wagon holding reins. Two other men holding pitchforks standing in front of wagon on road. From the Archives & Special Collections at the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center, University of Connecticut Libraries.

Meet graduate student Sean Ooi

Sean Ooi
Sean Ooi

A MS degree student in the Department of Natural Resources and the Environment, Sean Ooi is concentrating on the denitrification in New England salt marshes as his area of research. Here is how he answered our questions.

Where did you study as an undergraduate? What was your major? I studied at the University of Michigan as an undergraduate. My major was biology.

Why did you decide to go to graduate school? For as long as I can remember, I have always found the natural world breathtakingly beautiful and invaluably precious. Over the course of my schooling years, I developed an affinity for science and soon arrived at the conclusion that I wanted to become a scientist. From that point on, my goal throughout high school and college was to get a PhD so that I can do the science that helps keep the planet livable.

Who is your advisor? What is your field of research? My advisor is Assistant Professor Ashley Helton. The research that our lab does covers a wide range of topics in biogeochemistry from river network carbon dynamics to groundwater nitrogen legacies. My thesis research revolves around the process of denitrification, where microbes in the soil transform reactive forms of nitrogen into nitrogen gases. More specifically, I am studying the relationship between dominant vegetation and soil denitrification rates in salt marshes. Additionally, my work will also test how this relationship will change with sea-level rise, tidal restoration and seasonal change. Continue reading