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Awards and accolades

Stephanie Barnes, a graduate student, and Matthew Sniffen, an undergraduate student, were recently honored as Eastern States Exposition (ESE) scholarship recipients.

Barnes, born and raised in Douglas Georgia, is in her third year of the PhD program in the Department of Animal Science. Her advisor is Assistant Professor Dennis D’Amico. Barnes’ research focuses on identifying and developing antimicrobial strategies, including clean label approaches, to control pathogens and spoilage microorganisms in dairy products. In addition, she serves as the chair for the International Association for Food Protection and vice president for the Institute for Food Technologists Student Association, UConn chapter.

Sniffen, from Litchfield, Connecticut, is a junior majoring in applied and resource economics. He has been active in 4-H since 2008, served as an officer in the Litchfield County Fair Association, is a member of the Block and Bridle Club at UConn and was involved in FFA events and competitions at the Big E. Sniffen is part owner of Mountain View Farm in Litchfield, Connecticut.

CT Trustees of the Eastern States Exposition with Stephanie Barnes

Stephanie R. Barnes (right of flag), Connecticut Trustees of the Eastern States Exposition (ESE) Graduate Scholarship Recipient 2017-2018, with (left to right) UConn Assistant Professor Dennis D’Amico, ESE board member Phil Prelli, ESE board member Jim Lyman, CAHNR Interim Dean Cameron Faustman and ESE president Gene Cassidy

CT TRustees of the Eastern States Exposition with Matthew Sniffen

Matthew Sniffen (right of flag), Connecticut Trustees of the Eastern States Exposition (ESE) Undergraduate Scholarship Recipient 2017-2018, with ESE board member Phil Prelli, his father John Sniffin, ESE board member Jim Lyman, CAHNR Interim Dean Cameron Faustman and ESE president Gene Cassidy

Historical image of the week

Freshman-sophomore Rope Pull, Freshman Defeat, Connecticut Agricultural College

Freshman-sophomore Rope Pull, Freshman Defeat, Connecticut Agricultural College. By Jerauld A. Manter, 1919. From the University of Connecticut Photograph Collection.

Meet graduate student Samantha Stewart

Samantha Stewart

Samantha Stewart

As an avid traveler, graduate student Samantha Stewart observes European cities and their spaces through a camera lens. In Connecticut, she gathers the viewpoints of citizens, clients and stakeholders in a technique called participatory design. Stewart hopes that what she learns through both those activities contribute to successful designs. Here is what she said in an interview.

Where did you study as an undergraduate? What was your major? I majored in landscape architecture and graduated from UConn in May 2016.

Why did you decide to go to graduate school? I was sad to leave UConn and considered whether to look for a job or further my education. When UConn offered me a graduate assistantship and a research assistantship in landscape architecture, I decided to pursue my master’s degree. I am a Plan A student, which means I have to write a thesis.

Who is your advisor? My advisor is Associate Professor Peter Miniutti, who is on the faculty of plant science and landscape architecture. (more…)

Renovation expands department with new program and research faculty

Koons Hall Renovation

Koons Hall during the renovation.

Students were not the only ones packing their bags and moving out at the end of the spring semester. The Department of Allied Health Sciences (AHS) temporarily relocated from their home in Benjamin Franklin Koons Hall to facilitate a renovation to the building over the summer. The project redesigned classroom spaces, expanded teaching and research labs, refurbished offices, centralized the advising center, remodeled the student lounge and replaced the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system in the building. The renovation also added space for new faculty hires, one of whom will lead a new graduate program in the department. AHS is now settling back into a space better equipped to support their commitment to health education and research.

“There were many improvements done during the renovation that will help us better serve our mission of undergraduate and graduate education, advising and research,” says Department Head and Professor Justin Nash. “The improved space allows us to be more productive and effective in everything that we do. It also expands our research enterprise. The renovation helped make it possible to welcome additional faculty and introduce a new degree program. It is a very exciting time as we continue to grow as a department.”

AHS plans to launch the Genetic and Genomic Counseling Master’s Degree Program in fall 2019. Maria Gyure was appointed as a lecturer and director of the program. An AHS alumna, Gyure received her bachelor’s degree in diagnostic genetic sciences in 2001 and received her master’s degree in genetic counseling from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2007. She has worked in a variety of instructional, research and counseling roles in cytogenetics and molecular genetics. Gyure and Associate Professor in Residence Judy Brown are currently working on the program’s accreditation. (more…)

Meet graduate student Abby Colburn

Abby Colburn

Abby Colburn

Abby Colburn decided to continue her studies at UConn after earning her bachelor’s degree in allied health sciences in May 2016. She plans to graduate with her master’s degree in exercise science from the Department of Kinesiology next year. Since the last time we spoke with her, Colburn has remained actively involved in organizations on campus and taking advantage of opportunities to travel and study abroad. She’s explored her passion for research and is looking at options to start medical school.

Where did you study as an undergraduate?

I studied at UConn.

What was your major?

My major was allied health sciences.

Why did you decide to go to graduate school?

I was planning to go to med school but I started doing exercise science research as an undergraduate and I really liked it. The faculty, especially Dr. Douglas Casa of kinesiology and my mentor, Dr. Jeffrey Anderson at Student Health Services, convinced me that research is also a good path for med school. I was always on this set path for med school and so I welcomed the opportunity to explore something different. (more…)