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Historical image of the week


National Agricultural Research Center, U.S. Department of Agriculture. Part of: Farm Security Administration – Office of War Information Photograph Collection.

College faculty plan international collaborations at networking event in Cuba

While the future of US foreign policy remains unclear, the warming of relations with Cuba under the Obama administration produced an opportunity for US scientists and researchers to connect with their Cuban neighbors. Associate Professor Tania Huedo-Medina of the Department of Allied Health Sciences recognized the benefit of shared knowledge and the advancements that could be achieved through the formation of partnerships with Cuba. She created the Cuba Research Initiative to pair the University of Connecticut with several Cuban institutions to facilitate an exchange of ideas and establish joint research ventures. Multiple trips by UConn representatives have forged memoranda of understanding and these formalized relationships are now shaping into potential projects.

The UConn faculty at ICA

Ana Legrand, Guillermo Risatti, Steven Zinn and Hedley Freake (left to right) at the Institute of Animal Science.

College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources (CAHNR) faculty members spent a week in Cuba in January 2017 for a networking event to outline possible partnerships. Guillermo Risatti, an associate professor in the Department of Pathobiology and Veterinary Science, led the group. He was accompanied by Professor Ana Legrand of the Department of Plant Science and Landscape Architecture and UConn Extension, Professor Hedley Freake of the Department of Nutritional Sciences and Professor Steven Zinn, head of the Department of Animal Science. Aviana Rosen, former project coordinator for the Cuba Research Initiative, also traveled with the group. With a focus on agriculture and animal science, they met with representatives from the Institute of Animal Science (ICA) National Center for Agricultural Health (CENSA), National Institute for Agricultural Sciences (INCA) and the Agrarian University of Havana (UNAH). The group discussed specific areas in their respective disciplines that would benefit from collaboration as well as broad initiatives, including forming study abroad opportunities and assisting with the publication of journals to share US and Cuban research. The individual CAHNR departments and UConn Global Affairs provided funding for the trip. (more…)

Students concur; he was born to teach


Stacey Mobley

In a research university setting, the importance of teaching could fade into the background. Lecturer Stacey Mobley’s inner drive will not allow that to happen in his academic career. The Department of Nutritional Sciences faculty member works year-round to keep teaching in focus because he says, “I was born to teach.” High scores on his evaluations seem to back that up.

Because “teaching college students is a privilege” for him, Mobley says he wants to take on as many classes as possible. His enthusiasm is evident as he accommodates up to seven classes, which attract from eight to 120 graduate or undergraduate students.

Mobley’s interest in those he teaches continues outside the classroom, as well, when many students stop by his office in the Jones building to ask for help or advice. “They call me ‘coach’,” he said, “especially when motivation lags near the end of the semester.”

“Dr. Mobley always made time to meet with students and go over any concerns we had. He wants students to do well and to learn, and he tailors the way he teaches to each student, which makes him an amazing and extremely dedicated professor,” said Kristen DeVitto, a May 2017 nutritional sciences graduate who said she has been in all of Mobley’s classes. (more…)

Meet recent graduate Julia Werth

julia4 (1)

Julia representing The Daily Campus at OOzeball 2016

Julia Werth combined her commitment to a healthy lifestyle with her love of writing into a dual degree in nutritional sciences and journalism. On top of obtaining two degrees, she was an honors student throughout her entire student career and took an average of 21 credits each semester. Julia will be pursuing a dietetic internship at the University of Maryland in August, which will prepare her for becoming a registered dietitian. Read about Julia’s undergraduate experience here at UConn.

What attracted you to UConn? I am from near Boston, which is obviously different from UConn. I had applied to fifteen different schools, but I narrowed it down to UConn and UMass. I wanted to go to a bigger school that had both a good nutrition program and a good journalism program. UConn had both, and I felt at home here. (more…)

Awards and accolades for CAHNR

Awards and accoladesRecently, some of CAHNR’s faculty, staff and students (in bold type) were selected for awards that recognize their accomplishments.

The Fulbright Program selects scholars for their academic merit and leadership potential, with the opportunity to exchange ideas and contribute to finding solutions to shared international concerns. Plant Science and Landscape Architecture Professor Emeritus Carol Auer is a Fulbright Scholar for the 2016-17 academic year. Auer will lecture and perform research into “Advancing Biosecurity and Bioethics Knowledge in Ecuador” at the University of San Francisco de Quito in Ecuador. (more…)