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CAHNR in the news

newsprintForbes cited Human Performance Laboratory studies that showed mild dehydration can alter a person’s mood, energy level and ability to think clearly.

U.S. News & World Report reported that UConn’s Board of Trustees voted to transfer the former Torrington satellite campus to the city with the caveat that UConn will continue to have an extension office on the site until at least 2026. See also the Register Citizen News.

Meriden Record-Journal ran a story about the removal of an old sycamore tree in Meriden, Connecticut. It included comments by Department of Extension Senior Cooperative Extension Educator Robert Ricard about a tree warden’s responsibilities related to older trees and some facts about native sycamore trees.

By Patsy Evans

Historical image of the week

4-H Cooking Class

4-H Cooking Class, Connecticut Agricultural College. By Jerauld A. Manter, 1929. From the University of Connecticut Photograph Collection. (CC BY-NC)


CAHNR in the news

newspaper readersThe Westerly Sun included an article by Dawn Pettinelli called “Tips for growing and harvesting cilantro and its seeds.” Pettinelli is an assistant cooperative extension educator in plant science and landscape architecture.

Consumer Reports quoted Professor Douglas Casa, who gave safety advice for people working or exercising in the heat. Casa is on the faculty of the Department of Kinesiology.

UConn Today referred to UConn Extension Bug Week and posted photos of the AntU Day portion of the event.

ESPN pointed out the Korey Stringer Institute‘s work in preventing and treating heat stroke, such as a study with WHOOP, the manufacturer of a device to measure athletic performance, sleep quality and other health-related data. Department of Kinesiology Professor Douglas Casa was quoted in the article. See also Business Wire.

By Patsy Evans

Image of the week

UConn Extension Bug Week 2017

Kicking off bug week deliciously with cricket fritters and meal worm sprinkles on our ice cream! Uconn Extension facebook

CAHNR in the news

newsprintUConn Today posted a video, as part of the UConn Science in Seconds series, about testing to detect infectious disease or agents in ticks. This information, obtained in the Connecticut Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory, can aid medical professionals. Department of Pathobiology and Veterinary Science Associate Professor Guillermo Risatti, Technical Assistant Maureen Sims and Research Assistant Heather Haycock were shown in the video.

New York Times recommended the Korey Stringer Institute website as a source of useful guidance for exertional heat stroke information. The institute is housed in kinesiology.

Time mentioned the Human Performance Laboratory and quoted Professor Lawrence Armstrong about the best way to rehydrate for the average adult and for those who exercise continuously for long periods of time. Armstrong and the lab are part of the Department of Kinesiology.

The Register Citizen announced that the Litchfield County 4-H Fair is to be held on July 29 and 30 in Goshen, Connecticut.

By Patsy Evans