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About Patsy Evans

Patsy, an Office of Communications publicity and marketing administrator, has a BA in journalism from Penn State. Her varied experience, obtained during her 27 years with the College, includes rearing insects for biological control, writing research grant proposals and assisting in web development.

Awards and accolades for CAHNR

Awards and accoladesRecently, one of CAHNR’s students was selected for an awards that recognizes her accomplishments. The Individual Husky Pride Award is given to student leaders for their contributions to and leadership of the University community. Department of Allied Health Sciences student Marisol Gallo was a finalist for her involvement with the Office of Community Outreach as a leader in the Generations Connect program.

On April 26, 2017, the UConn Board of Trustees promoted the following faculty members.

Promoted to professor

Dr. Michael Copenhaver, Department of Allied Health Sciences

Dr. Julia Kuzovkina, Department of Plant Science and Landscape Architecture

Dr. Ji-Young Lee, Department of Nutritional Sciences

Promoted to associate professor and tenure

Dr. Tania Huedo-Medina, Department of Allied Health Sciences

Dr. Stephanie Mazerolle, Department of Kinesiology

Dr. Amy Mobley, Department of Nutritional Sciences

Dr. Charles Towe, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics

Dr. Huanzhong Wang, Department of Plant Science and Landscape Architecture

By Patsy Evans


Sheet lists a number of facts

2017 CAHNR Fact SheetPeople, who think numbers speak louder than words, will find out more about CAHNR’s people, places and programs through a newly updated fact sheet. For example, for fall semester 2016, the College had 1920 BA/BS and 61 AAS students enrolled in 17 undergraduate majors.

In addition, the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources 2017 Fact Sheet lists many other relevant numbers, such as those pertaining to faculty members, scholarship dollars, Extension volunteers, student clubs, current alumni and acres of land. Contact information for departments, Extension centers, retail outlets and service centers is included, as well.

Rather than being a real-time picture, the fact sheet is an annual snapshot that summarizes what CAHNR looks like at one point in time, according to Sara Putnam, the director of CAHNR’s Office of Communications. Her office is responsible for updating and designing the fact sheet each year. Academic department representatives, facilities managers and other CAHNR personnel provide numbers and words for the document.

Several years ago, the College decided to offer the fact sheet online. However, for those who prefer a sheet of paper and/or a condensed version, a printable pdf format is available. In addition, there is an alternate route for accessing the two documents. The online report, called “College Fact Sheet” is linked from the left side of the CAHNR homepage. The summary version is accessible from the upper right of the main 2017 fact sheet page by selecting “2017 Print Summary.”

By Patsy Evans

Famed chef to address May graduates


David Bouley will be the CAHNR commencement speaker on May 6.

Award-winning New York chef and restaurateur, David Bouley, will speak at CAHNR’s May 6 undergraduate commencement ceremonies. Bouley’s rise to fame started near Storrs, where he was born and raised. “The values of New England became my early core of standards,” Bouley said in his acceptance letter to UConn’s President Susan Herbst.

Life on his grandparents’ farm and his French heritage gave Bouley an appreciation for healthful meals and fresh ingredients, which he retains to this day. The goals and results of his approach to food and health will figure prominently in his speech to about 1,000 CAHNR graduates and their guests.

In addition, Bouley will receive a doctorate of humane letters, honoris causa, from UConn at commencement. As an example of how Bouley meets the criteria of the honorary degree, Herbst said in her communication with him, “As a chef and catalyst for creative change in the kitchen, you have demonstrated the courage of your convictions to offer fresh foods that are culturally diverse and that can promote improved health.”

“The acceptance of an award like this from my hometown has deep confirming ties,” he said. This comment comes from a decorated man. Bouley’s restaurant ventures have garnered a Michelin Star, several James Beard Foundation awards, a 2015 best restaurant in (more…)

CAHNR in the news

newspaper readersSome of CAHNR’s people, places and programs made the news recently. The bolded topics are linked to initial media coverage. The roman text links go to additional information.

Washington Post. 4-14-17. Described the courtship and marriage of Courtney Gaine and Chris Cuddy. Gaine is an alumna of the Department of Allied Health Sciences.

UConn Today (video). 4-17-17. Posted a video of UConn student entrepreneurs, which included Christian Allyn, a horticulture and resource economics major. Allyn started a business removing invasive plants. 4-17-17. Interviewed Laura Cisneros and aired video (embedded second on the bolded linked page) of the summer Natural Resources Conservation Academy, as part of its annual Camp Week series. Cisneros, a visiting assistant professor in natural resources and the environment, described the academy as a summer program for Connecticut’s high school students with two parts. The on-campus segment teaches the scientific method as the students go outdoors and study the local environment and conservation topics. (more…)

CAHNR in the news

newsprintSome of CAHNR’s people, places and programs made the news recently. The bolded topics are linked to initial media coverage. The roman text links go to additional information.

The Day. 3-30-17. Quoted Michael Dietz, an associate cooperative extension educator, in an article about New England’s rainfall extremes.

UConn Today (video). 4-11-17. Posted a video of students doing a taste test of different types of chocolate in a vanilla UConn ice cream base. Assistant Professor in the Department of Animal Science Dennis D’Amico commented on the science behind this sensory evaluation.

Daily Campus. 4-11-17. Included a photo of the Jacobson Barn and surrounding CAHNR facilities in an article about UConn ranking in the top 20 public colleges.

By Patsy Evans