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CAHNR in the news

newspaper readersWTNH aired a video about the Connecticut Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory’s tick testing. Technical Assistant Maureen Sims and Holly McGinnis were shown doing their work. The video also included footage of Associate Extension Professor Tom Worthley from the Department of Extension in Middlesex County. He described how a large amount of ticks crawled onto and bit workers doing research among invasive Japanese barberry plants.

Newtown Bee quoted Donna Ellis about weevils for the control of the invasive mile-a-minute vine. Ellis is a senior cooperative extension educator in plant science and landscape architecture. The weevils are being used in Newtown, Connecticut.

UConn Today ran an article about a new database that helps connect media representatives to UConn experts in the field. People on the list will also write for The Conversation, an academic news operation. Experts from CAHNR include Professor Douglas Casa, Professor Valerie Duffy, Assistant Professor Paulo Verardi and Distinguished Professor Linda Pescatello. Casa and Pescatello are from kinesiology, Duffy is from allied health and Verardi is from pathobiology. (more…)

Historical image of the week

Junior Surveying

Junior Surveying. 1909. From the University of Connecticut Photograph Collection.

Meet undergraduate student Eric Burfeind


Eric Burfeind

Eric Burfeind is a senior studying allied health sciences (AHS), with a goal of becoming a physician’s assistant. Eric came to UConn with no clear career goal in mind. However, he found his way to the medical field through his AHS major. Eric provides an admirable example of a well-rounded student, through his participation in study abroad, internships and sports. Read more about Eric’s experiences during his time at UConn.

What attracted you to UConn? I was initially attracted to UConn by the sports programs and the AHS major. I enjoy being at a big school like UConn, but I also like how there is still a rural feel. I’m from the other side of Connecticut, so UConn allowed me to be far enough from home, without leaving the state. UConn is also a great value for in-state students, which is helping me to save up money for graduate school.

Why did you choose your major? When I was applying to UConn, the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources did not yet have “health” in its name. I accidentally came upon the AHS major and found it intriguing that it was part of an agricultural college. The major sounded more interesting than physiology and neurobiology or biology. So, I thought I would give it a try. I enjoy the classes because they teach you how to relate to patients more than the cellular and molecular classes do. I had a great experience with all the professors and the advising center. (more…)

Robots are coming to the dairy center

Terms used in dairyingRobots vacuum floors and assist surgeons. Soon, they will be milking the UConn dairy herd. To house the robots, a 3,000-square-foot Kellogg Dairy Center addition is underway with an expected opening in April 2018. When it is finished, the facility will be among the first voluntary milking systems installed at a university.

This state-of-the art robotic technology will benefit the cows’ health and welfare, the farm staff’s ability to care for the animals in an individual way and the students’ experiential learning, according to Steven Zinn, professor and head of the Department of Animal Science.

The idea was first suggested by Mary-Margaret Cole, animal science’s executive program director, and took about two years of “patience and persistence” to be realized, but it resulted in a “true collaboration.”

“Now, the University dairy herd will have cutting-edge technology made possible by the partnership between the Department of Animal Science, the CAHNR Dean’s Office, the Provost’s Office and the UConn Foundation,” Zinn said. The $1.8 million cost covers the whole project from the design phase to the installation of the robots. (more…)

Image of the week: Pre-Vet Dog Wash

Pre-Vet Dog Wash