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Image of the week

Welcome to five new foals! (A sixth is on its way.)

04/09/2016- Morgan filly by UC Doc Sanchez and out of Friend Charity Rose. Photo by Sarah Reed.

Morgan filly by UC Doc Sanchez and out of Friend Charity Rose. Foaled 04/08/2016. Photo by Sarah Reed.

04/14/2016- Warmblood Cross colt by Blue Zephyr and out of Mixed Sprouts. Photo by Michelle Grant.

Warmblood Cross colt by Blue Zephyr and out of Mixed Sprouts. Foaled 04/14/2016. Photo by Michelle Grant.

05/06/2016- Morgan filly by Call to Order and out of UC Courage Under Fire. Photo by Michelle Grant.

Morgan filly by Call to Order and out of UC Courage Under Fire. Foaled 05/06/2016. Photo by Michelle Grant.

 04/22/2016- Warmblood Cross colt by Blue Zephyr and out of Aly. Photo by Sarah Reed.

Warmblood Cross colt by Blue Zephyr and out of Aly. Foaled 04/22/2016. Photo by Sarah Reed.


05/04/2016- Morgan filly by UC Domination out of UC Mercedes. Photo by Sarah Reed.

Morgan filly by UC Domination out of UC Mercedes. Foaled 05/04/2016. Photo by Sarah Reed.

CAHNR in the news

newsprintSome of CAHNR’s people, places and programs made the news recently. Select the bold text names to see the articles. The roman text links go to additional information.

CBS News (link from News Channel 10, Texas). 5-6-15. Listed recent U.S. Department of Agriculture grants for strengthening rural communities. All three of the grants UConn received were for research in agricultural economics. The principal investigators are Assistant Professor Richard A. Dunn,  Professor Stephen Swallow and Professor Boris Bravo-Ureta.

New York Times. 5-9-16. Referred to the research findings of Lawrence Armstrong, a kinesiology professor, and his colleagues at UConn’s Human Performance Laboratory in regard to the effects of dehydration.

Associated Press (link from ABC News). 5-7-16. Quoted Visiting Associate Extension Educator Mary Concklin about how Connecticut’s cold temperatures in February was bad for the peach crop. Concklin is part of plant science and landscape architecture. See also Associated Press via WMUR. 5-7-16. (more…)

Historical image of the week

Sawmill demonstration

Sawmill Demonstration. Connecticut Agricultural College. Farmers Week 1926.

Meet undergraduate Jacob Teixeira

Jacob Teixeira

Jacob Teixeira

Jacob Teixeira, from Dighton, Massachusetts, is a member of the Pre-Med Society as well as a student in the athletic training program at UConn. Here is what he said about his experiences as a CAHNR student.

What attracted you to UConn? When I was applying to college, I was looking for a school that was big, valued academics and offered a good athletic training program. During my search, UConn kept coming up. I started looking more into it, and I visited UConn a couple of times. I loved it, especially when I saw how great the kinesiology program is. In the end, it was a perfect fit.

Why did you choose your particular major? In high school, I loved sports and science/medicine. Athletic training combines the two interests. In the program, I get to work with athletes in Division I and other college levels plus high school athletes. In the area of rehabilitation, I work with injured athletes and shadow some of the sports medicine doctors. It is a cool major, really unique and different than most. This major increases my passion for athletics and medicine and gives me what I wanted from the beginning. (more…)

Jepson recognized for outstanding student advising and service

Pat Jepson

Pat Jepson

Patricia Jepson, director of the College’s academic advising center director and agriculture education advisor, received the 2015 National Association of Agricultural Educators (NAAE) Outstanding Service Citation, one of only six such awards given nationwide. The awards were presented at the NAAE annual convention this past November in New Orleans.

“I was very honored to receive this award,” Jepson says. “What drives me is helping students realize their strengths and think about the possibilities. It’s very rewarding to see students achieve their goals.”

“Speaking for the Connecticut Agricultural Educators, we recognize and applaud Dr. Jepson as she builds a bridge between the UConn College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources and all the high school agriculture teachers and students in Connecticut,” says Bonnie Kegler, Killingly High School agriculture teacher and College alumna. “There is a documented shortage of agriculture teachers in the nation, and UConn has played a critical role in training and educating students to be successful agricultural education professionals. Dr. Jepson has helped to ensure that our outstanding system of school-based agricultural education in Connecticut and the region have well prepared teachers now and in the future.”

Jepson came to the College’s academic advisory center in 1988. For the past twenty-eight years, she has been a vital resource for both students and faculty.

“Pat’s most significant contributions are related to undergraduate advising,” says Associate Dean Cameron Faustman. “She has coached faculty and staff in this responsibility and directly advised students, often those presenting the most complex and challenging cases, requiring meticulous attention to detail and follow-up.”

“Pat’s high level of commitment to the College and its students proves that she considers her responsibilities a lifestyle rather than just a job,” he remarks.