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Farm Services Compost Sale

Farm Services Compost Sale, Friday, May 12

Awards and accolades for CAHNR

Awards and accoladesRecently, some of CAHNR’s faculty, staff and students (in bold type) were selected for awards that recognize their accomplishments.

The Fulbright Program selects scholars for their academic merit and leadership potential, with the opportunity to exchange ideas and contribute to finding solutions to shared international concerns. Plant Science and Landscape Architecture Professor Emeritus Carol Auer is a Fulbright Scholar for the 2016-17 academic year. Auer will lecture and perform research into “Advancing Biosecurity and Bioethics Knowledge in Ecuador” at the University of San Francisco de Quito in Ecuador. (more…)

CAHNR in the news

newspaper readersSome of CAHNR’s people, places and programs made the news recently. The bolded topics are linked to initial media coverage. The roman text links go to additional information.

The Daily Campus. 4-20-17. Described the new UConn Extension web catalog, which lists the Extension courses and webinars available to Connecticut’s citizens. The article quoted UConn Extension’s Associate Dean and Associate Director Michael P. O’Neill and Department of Extension Program Specialist Stacey Stearns. Marlese Lessing, an animal science student, wrote it.

The Daily Campus. 4-27-16. Quoted several CAHNR students about their views on the commuter and visitor campus parking lot rule changes.

Daily Mail. 5-15-17. Reported that light daily exercise can lift spirits, according to a UConn research study. Quoted were graduate student and lead author Gregory Panza and Associate Professor Beth Taylor, both from kinesiology. See also Health Medicine Network, Science Daily, NBC News, New York Daily News, Health, and Psychology Today. (more…)

Historical image of the week

Wilkinson in Garden

Albert E Wilkinson in the garden. Photo by Jerauld A. Manter, 1943. From the UConn Libraries Archives and Special Collections.

Meet undergraduate Patrick Dzurilla


Patrick preparing for a skydive

When an infection in Patrick Dzurilla’s leg sent him to the hospital, his observations of the diagnosis and treatment process helped him decide to become a medical laboratory scientist. When Patrick began to study and practice in the field, his fervor for the occupation became apparent. Although he already has a degree in biology, he explains that studying medical laboratory sciences (MLS) is different. This time, Patrick found his true calling, and his fascination with the work drives his eagerness to learn. Read about Patrick’s experience with the MLS program.

What attracted you to UConn? I wanted to go to a school that had a lot of different options and activities available. Originally, I had looked at other, smaller schools with the intention of entering as a pre-pharmacy major. However, I wasn’t married to pharmacy, and I wanted to make sure that I had options. If my interests changed, I wanted to be able to switch into another major easily. Although UConn is a bigger school, it still has the community of a smaller school. (more…)